Scales - Keep or Return

On tuesday i purchased these scales. they were not too expensive but on the other hand they were not *cheap* i thought they sounded ok begin digital, can calc body fat and bmi etc etc.

I weighed on tuesday and then on weds i had dropped 1.1kg and today i have dropped 3.2kg.

I am pretty sure i havent lost that much that quickly so am i just being dumb and cant use them properly or are they faulty?

I have tried using them in the bathroom and in the kitchen as i wasnt sure if they were flat leading to a crazy reading (when on the carpet in the lounge i had dropped 30kg! haha)

any tips on making sure theyre flat and accurate or shall i jsut return them?


  • TimothyFish
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    You should always put the scale on a hard flat surface.
  • 999tigger
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    If you have something thats a known weight then see how that registers.
    personally I think they sound a bit off so i would send them back and then if you wnat the same ones again buy them from Amazon as they are £9.99 there compared to £25.99 in your link. the body fat stuff with scales tends to be unreliable.
  • irisheyez718
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    How about putting something on there that you know the weight of? Like a 5 or 10 pound bag of flour or sugar maybe?
  • dominicgamutan
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    Maybe you lost some water weight.
  • Kevalicious99
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    Deleted ... the OP is too clueless.
  • dominicgamutan
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    But yeah I think there's something wrong with it.
  • RoxieDawn
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    Do you still have your other scale that you were using before you got this? I use two scales one that is digital and measures composition and one really old one that is still 100% accurate not matter that it is 25 years old.

    One is always one 1 lb off. I place the scale on flat tile floor never carpet. I place the scale(s) in the same spot every time. Weigh at the same time every day or how ever often you weigh.

    I like the idea of putting something that weighs exactually 10 - 20 lbs on it and see how it reads.
  • Blueseraphchaos
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    To get an accurate reading...1. Weigh yourself in the same circumstances at the same time every day (no clothes, right after you wake up and use the bathroom seems to be a general consensus)
    2. Get something that is a known weight and weigh it.

    I thought maybe my scale was broken because of the things it told me, but my 15 pound dumbbell was 15.0 pounds on the dot.

    Also, always use a flat, uncarpeted surface. Preferably, use the exact same spot each time (i have my linoleum marked with dry-erase markers where i place my scale.)
  • SteveMFP123
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    When I got my digital scales I thought they were off as I was 5lbs heavier on them but it turns out they were accurate and my old ones weren't. I tested them by weighing 4 bottles of water which I knew the weight of.