Advice on changes to nutrition when on All Pro workout program

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Hi all,

Building on my previous post as seen here where I got some great help regarding my nutrition particularly my macros calculations which are @ maintenance are 2415 calories with the macros breakdown as follows: Protein => 132g, Carbs => 413g and Fats => 66g. (BTW thanks to all who replied to the post I mention above), I would like some help regarding "clean" adjustments I've made to my diet when I resume my workouts. See this link to the diet.

To quickly recap since uploading the above mentioned post I've been out of the gym for the last 4 days as I'm recovering being ill and will be out for another 2 or 3 days. I've taken this time to slightly re-adjust my diet in preparation for when I resume my workout. Between when I made my previous post and being ill I've been eating 2200 which isn't too far from my maintenance i.e. 2415.

Also during my recovery period I've done my best to eat around this figure. This is an increase compared to when I made the post I mention above as where I was essentially between 1700 to 1900. During this increase from my weight has been between 65kg and 67kg and my body fat between 12% and 15%.

Regarding my training regime I've been following all pros program as seen here and before being out ill I was in week 3 of 15 of the program.

Specifically my last proper workout day 2 of my 10 week rep which involved lifting 80% of my heaviest weights as I do on day 1. To see more on my current work click here

As I mention form the start of my post I would like some advice if the post recovery diet I mention above is good enough for the remaining weeks of the all pro program. In case you missed please click this link to the diet

Specifically as I'll be progressively increasing my reps to 12 most likely in the next two weeks should I be looking at any further preferably "clean" changes to my nutrition?

Thanks for any replies.



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    What strikes me is the high volume, and the high fibre, and the repetition. Your guts are going to give you hell. I wouldn't run on that! You can eat perfectly normal and varied food and get great results. Your micros are well covered but your fats and proteins are down. What's wrong with some sat fat? We can go up to 20-30g a day no probs. too much fibre is detrimental too. Not enough protein!

    I recommend a steak, chips and lots of veg. Cut down on the fruit, get some greek yoghurt and nuts? Full fat. Some treats. Keep the calories and macros in check. Multi vit and you're away!
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    I don't understand why you continue to create various threads on the same topic...

    Myself, and a various group of other members, provided you with all of the information required to get your diet in check for training in your original thread.
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    Eat some fat, like we told you before - you need it, it wasn't a cunning ploy against you! It tastes pretty good too :)
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    Hi all .. Thanks for the replies ... I've improved my fat intake but i'm doing it gradually ..