What do you do for a living



  • version45
    version45 Posts: 35 Member
    I'm an engineer and cofounder of a tech startup. Not a lot of downtime for health, cooking, or fitness, but I'm trying!
  • eemmerson929
    eemmerson929 Posts: 27 Member
    IT research - desk jockey
  • wolf2000
    wolf2000 Posts: 18 Member
    Pastor and Civil Engineer/Land Surveyor
  • kmburns3
    kmburns3 Posts: 46 Member
    Mechanical Engineer - Currently working on heavy truck (semi) bearings
  • _lyndseybrooke_
    _lyndseybrooke_ Posts: 2,561 Member
    I'm a legal assistant for education attorneys. I work for a firm that represents over half the school districts in the state.
  • kxbrown27
    kxbrown27 Posts: 769 Member
    Site Superintendent overseeing crews who install, commission and integrate indoor/outdoor distributed antenna systems and small cells.
  • Milynne
    Milynne Posts: 95 Member
    Manager at a payday loans and check cashing company. It's not glamorous but it pays the bills! :)
  • bluesdivaca
    bluesdivaca Posts: 27 Member
    I'm an Admissions Clinician (Social Worker) in Children's Mental Health full time, and a part-time professional musician (singer & keyboards).
  • FlabFighter86
    FlabFighter86 Posts: 233 Member
    Academic librarian and loving it!
  • TheDoughnutTheif
    TheDoughnutTheif Posts: 349 Member
    Air Transportation and Parachute rigger USAF
  • dizzzigrl
    dizzzigrl Posts: 196 Member
    I work in customer service, and also own a small t-shirt business. First job pays the bills, the second is fun money!
  • Ainar
    Ainar Posts: 858 Member
    I play poker online. Do not earn my own money, just take money of others, ha.
  • keith0373
    keith0373 Posts: 2,154 Member
    Engineering for a climate controls company.
  • missbp
    missbp Posts: 601 Member
    Dental assistant. I love a nice smile :D
  • lmr0528
    lmr0528 Posts: 427 Member
    I do medical billing at a Psychiatric office. Thanks to all you firefighters.. my husband is a volunteer firefighter as well as my dad, father in law and grandfather. I have nothing but respect to you!!
  • FastOlly
    FastOlly Posts: 12 Member
    I'm a business analyst. It's why I find the statistics element of fitness so interesting :smile:
  • School bus driver and a mom to 3 beautiful girls ;)
  • K8yMac
    K8yMac Posts: 167 Member
    I'm an Application Specialist for a hospital. I build the electronic medical record for physicians.
  • ilfaith
    ilfaith Posts: 16,770 Member
    Stay-at-home-mom. In a past life I worked in the glamorous field of magazine publishing. Occasionally I will do a little freelance writing/editing project.
  • SparkyJess3
    SparkyJess3 Posts: 625 Member
    Was a 911 dispatcher, but switched to a records specialist about 3 months ago due to the toll the 12 hour shifts and switching from nights to days every 2 months was taking on my health and my family's happiness. Also the assistant worship leader for my church, a mommy and a wife :)