make up at the gym.

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so i nearly always go to the gym straight from work, and i never bother taking my make up off in between (i don't see any point, i just take it off when i get home).

yesterday while at the gym i overheard two women talking about me and how i was "well done up for the gym" and how i must really think i'm "something special".

i don't wear a great deal of make up daily anyway, but it rattled me.

i pay the same membership as everyone else there and if i wanted to go to the gym in fake eyelashes and full party make up i would!

- rant over -




  • Sweetsluv
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    Haters gonna hate girlfriend! Keep doing you!
  • mkladynova
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    How sad their lives must be to make comments like that.
  • amyhoss
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    Don't feel bad. You were just looking good and they were being jealous, snarky b*tches.
  • PwrLftr82
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    I go to the gym at 5 am, so those people are lucky I brush my teeth for them. That said, I ended up going after work yesterday and you can bet your @$$ I still had a full face of makeup on.
  • sheldonz42
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    If you have the inclination, you could tell them, "I came straight from work" and just leave it at that if it happens again. They'll probably at least be more careful how they talk about you... Might even shut them up.
  • If I go to the gym after work, even if I have popped home first, I keep my make-up on. I don't see the point in cleansing, toning and moisturising for me to have to do it all again when I get back from the gym! Don't listen to those two women, they clearly had nothing else to talk about ;)
  • yopeeps025
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    They are just jealous OP. Keep doing your thing.
  • becky10rp
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    When I went to the gym I did the same thing - went straight from work. I wear make-up every day - and - like you - why take it off before you work-out? I would chalk this up to 1) these women being jealous, 2) these women having no lives at all. Continue on with yours!!
  • hbrittingham
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    I guess they either don't need makeup because they are so drop dead gorgeous without it (sarcasm) or else they don't have to go to work and try to fit their workout in after hours. I always have makeup on when I go to the gym. I leave from work and I'm not going to scrub my face so I can go sweat like crazy. Nobody has ever said anything to me or about me, that I've heard. Sounds like they have too much time on their hands and are too catty to keep comments to themselves.
  • Myhaloslipped
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    I personally would never wear makeup to the gym just because I have no desire to sweat in makeup and clog up my pores. However, I have no problems whatsoever with what other women choose to do. Those ladies sound extremely catty and petty. Just ignore them.
  • TrainingToBePerfect
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    I'm guilty of going to the gym with makeup. Haha okay not like full blown, but i wear mascara, and ALWAYS lipstick, and i wear it bright hahah always did! I can't leave my house without some form of it.
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    People can be stupid. I don't give a damn if the women wears makeup to the gym. Just like you, she might be coming straight from work. People should focus on their workouts, not on what others are doing. I'd just say 'Thanks!!!' :) I guess. Or ignore them...

    I've been to the gym right after work, sometimes with, sometimes without makeup. Who cares?!
  • jazzxdaisy
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    yay i'm so glad everyone is on board with this!
    @kace_kay excellent gif :') queen bey.
    @pwrlftr82 i feel you, when i go to spin first thing sunday morning i look like i haven't been home all weekend lol.
    @BFDeal i appreciate that, but unfortunately when one headphone decides not to work, i had no choice but to over hear them. without sounding up myself, i in no way need to "rack up a few you go girls". i just wanted to know if there was some unwritten code where gym and make up was a no no.

    anyways, i'm going to be extra fabulous at the gym tonight haha ;)

  • jazzxdaisy
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    @trainingtobeperfect i might even wear some lippy too :) xo
  • Good for you, go as you want! Don't waste time worrying about what other people at the gym think. Just concentrate on your workout!
  • nmcrosier
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    I do the same thing - right from work and leave a hot mess - mascara running, eyeliner smeared - just ignore them. I look at it this way the more of a mess I am when I leave - the harder a workout I know I did. Eff em. ;)
  • I go after i get out of work and always have full makeup on! They were just jealous. Seriously they need to get a life!
  • Silentfool
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    I never look at other people as too busy getting on with work out, but they are clearly jealous.

    ignore them