"4 Weeks Team Challenge" - Join me ;) Jan 17 to febr 13 Just before Valentine's Day



  • Ok, I have the groups!!!

    I decided 10 instead of 8 in each group, and yes, your idea is great! Thank you chef <3 emrogers ;) You posting your meals will help me a lot. I was kind of doing a photo diet, and was taking the time to prepare a healthy food each time because the meal will have its selfie :p , it helped me to shred like 20Lbs after my last baby, I should keep doing it now :)
    I will post the Groups and also the excel sheets so each leader can post their weekly results of their group, this will make it easier. using the "img" posting picture tool makes this really easy. I love this feature in forums.
  • staciedee10
    staciedee10 Posts: 90 Member
    I'm in!! =)
  • Stacie you are the last one! <3
  • mustloseweight2015
    mustloseweight2015 Posts: 78 Member
    I'm in!
  • I would like to join also. Is there going to be a link to when we get started. Please also add me as a friend. I'm new
  • Count me in...working on it.
  • dtfiler
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    I'm in too!!
  • I am sorry, I already made the groups of 10 per team, and we are 70 already :(
    But if you guys make 10, I can make another team but today I am done with the recruiting part. I am sorry about that, I never expected so many people :# Ok girls so if there is 10 of you we make another group :)
  • The Teams
  • laurielane6
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    I'm in! How do I join?
  • sullym01
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    I'm in!
  • GingerbreadCandy
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    Brilliant! So what happens now? Do we wait for our team leaders?
  • new_me_14
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    I would like to join
  • thefifthvalue
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    I'm in!! That would make 6 for this last group... 4 more takers??
  • minniebee
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    I'm in! 3 more for group 8??? I'd also be happy to step up as the leader if no one else does!
  • tmpayton
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    Count me in!
  • dtierno
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    is it too late to join? I would love to participate!
  • mommyvo23
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    Pick me! Pick me! I want to play ;) Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do...thanks!
  • AlyssaLed
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    If there's any room left, I'd love to join!
  • mommyvo23 wrote: »
    Pick me! Pick me! I want to play ;) Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do...thanks!
    You are funny :p okay, I am making more groups but today is deadline.
    I will need volunteers in each group to keep their stats pleeease?