Anyone else find it odd...



  • djscavone
    djscavone Posts: 133 Member
    Xfinity and yet I am in a COX cable area.
  • BodyByButter
    BodyByButter Posts: 563 Member
    There are ads? :)
  • Yeah they're not all health ads. :) But I figure since MFP is free they have to make money somehow.
  • diannethegeek
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    I've been in the juicing threads today. Mine are for organic juice.
  • Laurend224
    Laurend224 Posts: 1,781 Member
    I've got cheerios and under armour. It's based on browsing history.
  • La5Vega5Girl
    La5Vega5Girl Posts: 709 Member
    i don't have any banners. lucky me! (*)
  • ShellyBell999
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    auddii wrote: »
    Believe me, I have never searched McDonalds. Or starbucks, or any of the other random ads that stream through. Plus 90% of my searches are with a different browser on my mobile phone, this is on my desktop that I'm hardly on.
    At some point you searched something, and the algorithm thought McDonalds and Starbucks would be something you're interested. It doesn't have to be them directly; just something vaguely related. (And I honestly think those are common enough that everyone gets them.)

  • Gr8ChangesAhead
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    Mine are for diapers NOPE don't need that no babies here
  • NurseandMom1981
    NurseandMom1981 Posts: 101 Member
    Mine is for KY yours +mine.... Guess it thinks I'm a little freaky! I just might be :smiley:
  • jpaulie
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    Mine is Victoria Secrets um....nevermind
  • mockchoc
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    Mine is always showing me more cute dresses :)
  • Ready2Rock206
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    I have an ad blocker at home - but on my work computer it is all stuff related to my search history usually.
  • jkal1979
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    It's not always what you search for, it could be that McDonald's was mentioned in a thread that you opened. Sometimes they are random, sometimes they are based on your location.