What is your best weight loss tip? And where are you from?



  • MarziPanda95
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    My biggest tips would be:
    1. Log everything that has calories - make it a habit to log every day.
    2. Realise you're not going to lose as quickly as you might want. It's probably going to take more than a few months. Don't get frustrated and give up because then you'll never get there. It's taken me since mid-June to lose 44lbs and it'll probably take me until May or June to lose the last 27lbs.
    3. Don't get too hung over on just one day or one meal! What I used to do, for years, was say to myself 'oh, I've had that cake slice now, no point in dieting today, I'll go have a burger'. That way I never had to face eating less. If you have a calorific meal just try to fit it in your daily calories. After all if you shoplift you don't just go 'oh I've broken the law now, I can totally go kill someone'. If you have a bad day, start again the next day.
    4. Finally, what worked for me personally, is not giving anything up. I still eat cake and all the other things I enjoy - just in moderation. After all, this has to be a change for life and if you can't go the whole of your life without a single donut, then it's best to practice moderation now. Enjoy it, log it, eat less for dinner.

    I'm from Lincolnshire in England, UK, btw :smile:
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    I'm from Williamsburg, Virginia.

    My best advice: Move your body! Often and with purpose.

    :) And be happy about your choices. You can't sustain this if you aren't happy about it, so make it work. If you can't do without chocolate in your life (like me), then find a way to fit it in. Keep your eye on *your* goals, not on someone else's goals for you.

    xo Good luck!
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    All these great ideas and testimonies really help..Hey ya'all..Add me as a friend..I love all of your ideas!!!
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    Apazman wrote: »
    Here are a few tips that I found to work for me:
    1. Make MFP your home page
    2. Log in EVERYDAY, read the message boards, post.. Keep your mind actively thinking about weight loss.
    3. Don't try to change too much at once, Implement 1 change every week or so. Little tweeks over time seem to work best or at least better than a butt load of change all at once
    4. Always be honest. We all fall on our way to the top, be honest, no one is judging you here... we all support each other
    5. Keep trying new things until you find what works for you (It took me a while to find my plan and it works great for me but I wouldn't push it on anyone else)
    6. It's easier to lift weights than continue the burdens of carrying weight.
    7. Take it one day at a time.
    8. Have a cheat day or meal, where you eat what you want
    9. Try to talk to yourself as if you are talking to your child or loved one. Often times the thing we need most is to be a better friend to ourselves.
    10. Smile

    I'm not sure family is a good support system. I think they can do more inadvertent damage than good.

    love #9 ... very true.
  • Brooklyn.
    What i did is cook everything myself and avoided takeout. I think the last time i ate fast food was once last month.
    Log every day even if you're not feeling up to it.
    If you over eat one day either do an extra work out or make it up the next day with a larger deficit. Just a warning though i don't know if this last tip is healthy or not.
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    I'm from Manchester, UK .. welcome to MFP .. id say make friends with some of the lovely people on here and give yourself something to work towards, an event like a holiday or fitting into a particular item of clothing, so when you have bad days there is something there to pull you through x
  • saggyandbaggy
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    weigh and log everything, everyday and set yourself small goals or targets on the way to your overall goal..... I am from Wales, UK
  • HayleyMB1284
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    Hi. I'm from south louisiana . My best tip is to stop eating when your full. Even if you know you can eat more. Stop with your satisfied. Save the left overs fir another day . Plus get off of soda. I'm currently on my journey to stop drinking coke . Good luck
  • IammeCA
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    Southern California

    Only eat when your at the table. If you want a snack, put it on a plate and sit at the table. If you don't have a break room at work try to set aside a little spot that counts as your "table". Stop eating in the car, at the computer, in front of the TV, etc.
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    Some more great tips..I take them seriously and I have a list I am going to try!! Thanks so much..Add me as a friend if you want!!
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    Hamden Ohio. Be ready for it. You half to make changes in your life. What you eat how much. You also half to be Active!
  • ut04827
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    North Carolina. Drink lots of water and stop eating after 9pm
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    South Florida here.

    1. Buy yourself a food scale that weighs in grams and ounces; use it to measure solids, cups for liquids only.
    2. Add exercise slowly and don't over do it. You can always increase your exercise as you lose weight and feel more comfortable.
    3. Log everyday and consistently, the good, bad, and ugly. Acknowledge the ugly days and move on. Don't let them derail you.
    4. Don't be disappointed with slow weight loss. Every ounce lost is a victory. Some days you'll fluctuate. It's only temporary.
    5. Read everything on MFP especially the stickies on "Getting Started." I learned so much about nutrition, macros, calories, etc.
    6. Find what works for you -- find foods that you like/love and eat nutritiously to meet your macros.
    7. Build in treats to your calorie allowance so that you don't feel deprived.
    8. Stay positive and determined.
    9. Enjoy the journey.


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    One step at a time, one better choice after another
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    Charlotte NC - prepare your food ahead of time, measure it. Know what you will be eating for at least the next 3 to 5 meals. Cooking real food is better than buying pre-packaged.