your weakness....



  • Cheese, wine, and beer.
  • hesn92
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    One thing?? Bread. Not like a plain loaf of bread I mean like rolls, biscuits, corn bread, good stuff like that.
  • SunflowerCat74
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    Sausage breakfast burritos w/green chile from Blakes. (As seen on Breaking Bad). OMG...if we could move away life would be so much simpler.
  • ErinK09
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  • ErinK09
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    I love it.
  • kissa714
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    literally antthing delicious. i have a mad sweet tooth though :neutral_face:
  • Will pick "just one"..... (haha... I'm sneaky!) One choice for each of 2 categories:

    Liquid: wine
    Food: Lays lightly salted potato chips with Philadelphia whipped onion dip.... I can eat whole thing.

    I currently have in house, and once a week on a good calorie day I have 1/2 serving of the chips (140 cals) with 2 measured tablespoons of the dip (60 cals). I can actually keep from eating the whole thing because I know I'm allowing myself a serving, and it really is enough of a taste to satisfy.

    Unfortunately married to a man who could eat bags of chips and containers of dip nightly and not gain an ounce..... *kitten*.... ;>) So not having any other junk in the house is definitely the best option. Avoid the store, and surround yourself with good food!

    Good old mom was right... if you're not hungry enough to eat celery, then you are just not really hungry young lady!
  • Tea_Mistress
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    Zero cal energy drinks
  • Hawiian pizza :\
  • Summer foods! Hotdogs, Cheeseburgers, fries, fried foods! Love them all. Oh, and potatoes - all kinds and cuts!

    Agreed. Potatoes/summer food with cheese. The struggle is real.
  • UnicornAmanda
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    Soda... which is why i generally stay away from it unless out to eat or something. I try to save it for just a special occasion. The only soda i feel ok about having more regularly is organic soda because it doesn't have all *kitten* ingredients.
  • azulvioleta6
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    brown rice
  • BruceHedtke
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    Fried chicken. I could eat that every day.
  • transientcanuck
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    French fries are a close second.
  • thenewkayla
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    #1 Alcohol.. i try to stick to vodka and water with lemon when I drink..
    #2 chips and dean's french onion dip mmmmm!!! So good
    Soda use to be one as well but it's getting easier!
  • KatrineJensen
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    Any and all carb-y foods. Cereal, bread, pasta, chips, cake, cookies, sweets, chocolate, ice-cream (!), granola, anything = zero self control.

    Which is why I went low carb, so I could get a hold of myself and get out of the binge-habit. It's been almost a year now! :)
  • zipitzippy
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    Cheese & wine! Ahhh I miss cheese
  • rebecca1ane
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    Alcohol (wine and cocktails) but then also the *kitten* food I let myself eat after drinking alcohol... I REALLY didn't need that Chinese food at 3am after drinking my body weight in long island ice tea on Saturday. Trying to have a well behaved one this weekend!
  • Revonue
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    Chicken. I can clearly remember days when a whole bag of chicken strips would be lunch/dinner. And recently I discovered just how much I love chicken when my father ordered pizza, french fries, and pizza. I wasn't even tempted by the pizza. It literally made me mad that I wouldn't be able to fit the chicken fingers into my daily calories :'(.
  • carmatiz
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    zipitzippy wrote: »
    Cheese & wine! Ahhh I miss cheese

    I love me some cheese. Lol