Before and after pics for MOTIVATION!!!!!



  • NewLIFEstyle4ME
    NewLIFEstyle4ME Posts: 4,440 Member ALL of you guys, just one word: W :) W! <3 (*) (*) <3 (*) (*) <3
  • saharams18
    saharams18 Posts: 10 Member
    I'm not there yet and I'm still a long way from my goal but this is my 10 months progress fzfqtxpukaum.jpg
  • Morgaen73
    Morgaen73 Posts: 2,818 Member
    wow you are all awesome
  • Rodax74
    Rodax74 Posts: 24 Member
    Awesome before and afters! I can't wait to be able to post my own!
  • runfoorun
    runfoorun Posts: 314 Member

    From 350 lbs to 235 lbs.

    60 lbs to go!
  • smkondy
    smkondy Posts: 583 Member
    Very inspiring....Thanks To All of You!!! :)
  • mhausler93
    mhausler93 Posts: 83 Member
    Holy crap! Well if this isn't inspiration, I don't know what is! You all look ah-mazing!
  • Mopar88
    Mopar88 Posts: 54 Member
    I've seen these postings and have frequently come in here and got that little extra boost of motivation I needed when either wanting to splurge on something out of my range for the day or totally skipping a workout.
    This is my work in progress pic. I still have about 40-45 lbs to lose and then I plan on adding some more muscle. :)


    Left: 263 lbs. Right: 202 lbs.
  • julier62
    julier62 Posts: 22 Member
    These are some amazing transformations! Very inspiring! Thanks everyone for sharing!
  • cyrena13
    cyrena13 Posts: 20 Member
    THenry8 wrote: »
    Here's me at 430 pounds:n08sqfr4yn1h.jpg

    Here's me now at 235 pounds:

    Your transformation is amazing! Keep up the great work :wink:
  • Dube11
    Dube11 Posts: 93 Member
    AMAZING! Every one of you!
  • darylwbaker
    darylwbaker Posts: 5 Member
    Completed p90x (285lbs to 238lbs) Maintaining and no longer call it a diet just a life style change to the food i eat :) (went also from a size 42-44 pant to 38-36)

  • imabeevampire
    imabeevampire Posts: 166 Member
    wow :D i love all these, youve all done amazing :D
  • ClaresTime
    ClaresTime Posts: 8 Member
    edited January 2015
    artemis222 wrote: »

    I've just read your story. I'm starting out not far from where you did and you are so inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing
  • Samiad
    Samiad Posts: 8 Member
    I'm not done yet, 20lb difference between these. I'm 5'6" was around 190'in the first set and 170 now. Struggling to get into the next stone bracket at the minute.

  • satisatisati
    satisatisati Posts: 260 Member
    edited January 2015
    great page!
  • y9837701
    y9837701 Posts: 13 Member
    ChadW4521 wrote: »
    This is me from when I was at my heaviest and now.

    Wow that's amazing mate. I've just joined and hoping to lean out like you have. Add me!
  • y9837701
    y9837701 Posts: 13 Member
    drepublic wrote: »

    Wow you're a real inspiration. I've just joined the site and looking to get lean like you. Add me if you're cool with that.

  • vickierivero1
    vickierivero1 Posts: 46 Member
    well, my god! I needed to see this tonight! Every one of you look great and have done an amazing job. I only hope that I look as half as good as that after my hard work and dedication!
  • Francl27 wrote: »


    Great job!! ...are you wearing the same top? Haha
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