Lose 5lbs+ in May!! YES WE CAN!!



  • atrayubrandy
    atrayubrandy Posts: 188 Member
    I'm doing horribly. It's been hard for me to recover after Easter. I looked at my weight and sure enough, I've gained 4 lbs. :-( No bueno. So, I'm going to try South Beach Phase 1 again to lose some of that weight.
  • Picky_nikki
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    How is everyone doing so far this week?? I am still missing starting weights from some of you... Please have them to me as soon as possible, and don't forget weigh in on Monday (or if you weigh in a different day of the week give me the most recent weight every week before a Monday... not a big deal just make it a consistent day so your weigh-ins are consistent. )

    There are a few of you who didn't give me your goal weight for May 31st as well... if you do not give me one I will assume it is to lose 5lbs, and that is what your stats will keep track of.

    How is everyone doing in the mini challenges? Are you getting in 10 pushups? whether they be wall, modified, chair, one-handed...
    How about eating your minimum of 3-5 servings of fruits and veggies... keep in mind this is the recommended min serving for adults a day... for health! Good luck everyone!!

    Sorry! my start weight is 140lbs and my goal weight is 135lbs.
    I am pushing out about 7 push ups then my arms turn to jelly...will keep going im determined to hit 10 :)
    I will be on time next week:smile:

    Not a big deal Dannibella! Thanks for getting it to me... The fact you are attempting the pushups is all that the challenge is... in time if you keep it up, you will be able to do 10. Most of us women lack the upper body strength, that is why even just standing and doing wall pushups is good as it will help you build up arm strength without having to support your whole body weight.
    Enjoy your Mother's Day yourself, or with yours, or someone who is almost like a mother to you!
  • newmeat30
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    Happy Mother's Day!!!

    05/01: 139.2
    05/09: 138.8
    05/16: <<<goal of 136-137>>>
    05/31: <<<goal of 134-135>>>
  • mosaix
    mosaix Posts: 87 Member
    Name/ real name: Mosaix/Mara
    Goal weight on May 31st: 212lbs

    05/01: 220lbs :sick:
    05/09: 215.6 FTW! :bigsmile:
  • plums
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    Name/ real name: plums/Han

    Goal weight on May 31st: 149

    05/01: 157
    05/09: 153 :)

    Happy days!
  • Cusegirl1992
    Cusegirl1992 Posts: 124
    Name/Real Name: Cusegirl1992/Martha

    Goal Weight on May 31st: 140
    05/01: 149
    05/09: 147.4

    Having a hard time with the late night eating. I eat dinner early with my girls and then am hungry around 9pm....Need to grab healthy options instead of the unhealthy. Fruit and Vegetables the past week were easy to incorporate into my diet. The pushups were not. Going to attempt again this week.
  • kris1085
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    My goal weight on May 31st 193.5
    5/01 199.5
    Starting back to exercising tonight and hope for a better number next week on the scales !
  • Debnva
    Debnva Posts: 8 Member
    Name/ real name: Debnva / Debbie

    Goal weight on May 31st: 120 lb.

    05/01: 126.2
    05/09: 124

    I had a very successful week, despite not meeting all week challenges. I did great with healthy eating and 3-5 veggies a day. I started out strong doing a set of modified push ups every day for the first 3 days, then stopped.:blushing:
    I had a personal challenge of getting to bed by 10PM to get more sleep. Well, I was able to get to sleep by 11PM each night, which is a HUGE improvement over what I've been doing for the past couple of months. This week I AM going to do the 10 push ups EVERY day, get to bed by 10PM, and do a better job of completing my food diary.

  • bmfrazie
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    Name/ real name: bmfrazie/ Belinda

    Goal weight on May 31st: 128

    05/01: 135.4
    05/09: 136.8
    05/16: (130) ---down 10 pounds from my starting weight in early April

    I am so dissapointed with myself. I had dropped down to 134 because I worked so hard over the week. However, all of that hardwork went out the window on Friday and I was a slacker all weekend so I gain it all back plus some. I guess time to work extra hard! I don't see myself hitting my one month goal after this weekend :(
    I would say that I completed 5 out of 7 weekly challenges for this group. I will try to do better this coming week!
  • holdthefries
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    Noodlespoon / Daisy

    Goal weight on May 31st: 195

    05/01: 203.8
    05/09: 202.4

    Down 1.4 ibs
    so a good week even though I have been stalled at this number now for 4 days.
    Good look everyone with our first week's weigh in.
  • 2Young4This
    2Young4This Posts: 172 Member
    Hi everyone,

    I thought I was doing really well this week but I have put on a pound. Ooops! I think I am retaining water so I think next week will be much better.

    Goal weight on May 31st: 138

    05/01: 143.6
    05/09: 144.6
    05/16: 142
    05/23: 140
    05/31: 138
  • getfitdiva
    getfitdiva Posts: 1,159 Member
    Name/ real name: getfitdiva/Tamara

    Goal weight on May 31st: 132 lbs

    05/01: 137 lbs
    05/09: 137.2 lbs (up .2!)

    Not what I wanted to see this morning but then it was a 2 day sodium/food feast for Mother's day weekend. Hope to have a better weigh-in next week!
  • DJ31
    DJ31 Posts: 64 Member
    Name/ real name: DJ31 / Donna

    Goal weight on May 31st: 154

    05/01: 160
    05/09: 163 - Weekend out of town with my in-laws. I was very bad.
  • kamk16
    kamk16 Posts: 205
    Name/ real name: kamk/Kami

    Goal weight on May 31st: 136

    05/01: 141.0lbs So frustrated that I haven't seen the 130's yet
    05/09: 141.0lbs Well haven't changed but that's ok I did see a peek of the 130's yesterday so hopefully next week I will have a loss. Yesterday was not a real good eating day splurged for Mother's day and my birthday.
  • maher2006
    maher2006 Posts: 94 Member
    Maher2006/ Tammy
    Goal weight for 5/31 = 135
    05/01: 140 (starting weight)
    05/09: 138.8 <--soo happy to FINALLY be in the 130s again!! Now I feel really motivated to keep it going since im seeing positive changes!!
  • chancie72
    chancie72 Posts: 270 Member
    Name/ real name: Chancie/Angie

    Goal weight on May 31st: 161

    05/01: 169.2
    05/09: 168.4

    Not really to horrible since yesterday was Mother's Day and I did bad. But I did get my walking in at least so I'm sure that helped. Good luck this week everyone!
  • JD92
    JD92 Posts: 253 Member
    Name/ real name: JD92 / JD

    Goal weight on May 31st: 205

    05/01: 216
    05/09: 214 :smile: :smile:
  • archers
    archers Posts: 24 Member
    Well, I did okay on the challenges - 3-5 veggies/fruit and the push ups were just wall push ups
    I did keep up my food diary, except for Sat and Sunday.
    I enjoyed my mothers day weekend a little too much. But next week will be better!!

    Name/ real name: archers/Pat

    Goal weight on May 31st: 199

    05/01: 210
    05/09: 209
  • RenaeMG
    RenaeMG Posts: 19
    Monday weigh-in.

    Name/ real name: RenaeMg/Renae

    Goal weight on May 31st: 193lbs

    05/01: 200
    05/09: 197.5
  • Nadyasmom
    Nadyasmom Posts: 281
    Name/ real name: Nadyasmom (Brenda)

    Goal weight on May 31st: 130

    05/01: 135
    05/09: 134

    Well, seeing that I didn't exercise all week, I'm pretty happy with that. Frustrated a bit though as I saw 133 on the scale yesterday, and somehow I'm back up to 134 today?? I'm been really good about getting my water in, but haven't done so well on the fruits/veggies, and obviously tanked the exercise part.