5'3 women,how many cals are you eating?



  • Jolinia
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    I'm 5'3, 119 pounds, goal weight of 110 (a bit less actually, since I'm in ketosis so no glycogen water weight).

    I'm eating around 1300 calories after taking off exercise calories. I have to eat those back or my next workout won't be any fun or very vigorous.
  • lizek316
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    I'm 5''4
    current weight is 130.4lbs
    goal weight is 115lbs
    MFP is allowing me 1240 cals in order to lose 0.5lbs a week.
    I haven't lost any weight since joining but can see the reason why

    Your age makes a difference too.
    Also, are you doing intense training? Like interval and weights since you are so close to your goal weight?
  • lizek316
    lizek316 Posts: 76 Member
    I'm 5'4"
    36 yo
    my current weight is 170
    my goal is 130
    My cal intake is 1330 cals in order to lose 1lb per week
    I have lost 5lbs so far since January 12th (had a couple bad weeks)
  • shsgrant
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    I'm almost 5'2" Weight is 138 Goal 115 eating right now 1250 calories with 30 minute exercise 5X week. Just started hope it works . 46 years old
  • revival15
    revival15 Posts: 13 Member
    1980 cals to lose
  • torizia
    torizia Posts: 140 Member
    CW: 108lbs
    GW: 108lbs
    Eating 1450 net calories a day - trying to do a gradual recomp. Only started a few weeks ago and my weight has stayed the same so far so I'm assuming 1450 is my maintenance amount (it was suggested by a few different websites)
  • estherlion
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    I am 5'3", 39 years old.

    SW 159
    CW 137
    GW 125

    I am eating 1150-1200 calories a day. When I work out which is about 5 times a week, I do give myself a cushion and eat 100 to 200 calories more a day. This is an experiment to see if eating back these calories will work to still lose weight.
  • SueInAz
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    A goal weight, if you want to set one and I don't, needs to take into account bone structure and muscle mass as well as height. My mom, sisters and I are all about the same height but they are all very small boned while I am medium-large. For comparison, I can barely wear their wedding rings on my pinky finger. I also am much more muscular than they are. As a result, my mom weighs somewhere around 105 while I would look skeletal at that weight.

    I'm lifting weights this time around. While I'm ranging in the mid-130s I'm wearing the same clothes I was wearing when I got down to 122 pounds a few years ago and wasn't lifting.
  • txlawyer87
    txlawyer87 Posts: 14 Member
    Age: 27
    SW: 275
    CW: 253
    GW: 150

    Cals: 1200, and have lost all 22 lbs in less than 6 weeks thru not just staying within my calories, but eating clean/healthy and doing 40 carbs, 30 protein and 30 fat.
  • her4g63
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    28 years old
    SW: 170 on MFP
    CW, GW: 128.8

    I maintain around 2525 calories (I do breastfeed a 14 month old).
  • mscheftg
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    I'm 5'3" - 5'4", 30 years old.

    My current weight is 225-230 (haven't weighed in 10 days).
    I have a lot of goal weights... right now, it's to get below 200 pounds. Ultimately, I want to get to 160-170 and see how I feel then. My "happy weight" was 133 about 6 years ago, but I haven't been below 170 in 15 years, so I'm not sure where I'll truly be healthy.

    Anyway, my calorie goals range from 1300-1500... sometimes I drop down to 1200 when I need to "cleanse." A cleanse for me occurs after several days of eating fast food, junk, or just eating too much... I call it a cleanse because I intentionally eat more fruits, veggies and no eating out, plus I restrict my calories. Too much information?
  • KylaDenay
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    CW 165
    GW Eh whatever makes me happy. I have it set to 145 for now
    I eat around 1500-2000 depending on activity that day.
  • Jolinia
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    torizia wrote: »
    CW: 108lbs
    GW: 108lbs
    Eating 1450 net calories a day - trying to do a gradual recomp. Only started a few weeks ago and my weight has stayed the same so far so I'm assuming 1450 is my maintenance amount (it was suggested by a few different websites)

    I think that's about my maintenance without exercise too!
  • 1200 calories a day but eating back exercise calories
    CW 140lbs GW 120-125lbs
  • Mywitnessfitness
    Mywitnessfitness Posts: 17 Member
    1200 with moderate exercise. 230 trying to get to 130.
  • IGotThis1992
    IGotThis1992 Posts: 18 Member
    SW 252
    GW 150-160
    CW 183

    I currently eat between 1200 and 1400. I burn around 150-200 calories through walking 5 days per week on my treadmill. I do not eat back my exercise calories.
  • goblue8426
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    SW (What is SW?)
    CW 175
    GW 130
    Calories 1340
    set to lose 1lb/week
    activity level - sedentary
    age - 33

    As I increase exercise, I plan to eat half back (if I'm hungry enough).
  • im_simply_karen
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    SW: 160
    CW: 141
    GW: 110
    I currently consume 1200 calories a day. On weekends I consume 1000 calories.
  • smalls9686
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    CW: 144
    GW:??? *some where BTW 125-130ish
    HT: 5foot¹ and some change :)

    My goal weight will be whatever I can realistically maintain with moderate exercise and allows me to comfortably fit in Misses size 6. I currently am wearing 8's and 10's. I eat between 1050-1250 calories a day.
  • Eileen_T
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    SW 160
    CW 160 (first week weigh in on Thursday aaaarghh....)
    GW 120 a bit ambitious but thats the plan

    MFP allows me 1200 cals a day. Haven't made it so far, but I am monitoring carbs anyway, so cals not important to me.

    Oh and 5' 2.5"