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I'm completely out of control!



  • Vanessa414Vanessa414 Posts: 644Member Posts: 644Member
    It looks like you're eating alot of carbs which burn quickly making you feel hungry a short time after eating. I bought my self the Biggest Loser Series just to learn how to get healthy. I also bought the Nutrition for Dummies book. Although I've "dieted" previously by eating what I thought was healthy, I even tracked my calories (and stayed within) I wasn't losing weight and always felt hungry. With these books, I educated myself on HOW to eat. I found that even though I was staying within my alotted calories, I was eating alot of carbs which are stored as fat when not used up as energy. So, I now eat a lean protein, whole grain breads, cereals, etc and up my veggies. I try to stay away from the higher carb fruits and vegetables, while they are still better than a cookie, they have alot of sugar so it is burned quickly, making you feel hungry. I'm still a work in progress, I have alot more to learn, but I feel so much better now that I'm mindful of what's going in my mouth. I overindulge on breakfast because I know I have all day to burn off those calories, then have a light dinner because I'm not as active in the evening giving me little time to burn off a high calorie meal. I also eat a mid morning snack of a lean protein and fruit and a mid afternoon snack of a protein and a veggie. By eating 5-6 small meals a day, I don't feel hungry. I also pack my meals for the day when I work. This way I know exactly what I'm going to eat and when, so my body knows it's not going to starve. I hope you find this helpful, but ultimately it's up to you to start. When you're ready, you'll do it.

    I understand all of this and have read the Biggest Loser books myself. HOWEVER,

    I HATE THAT FOOD. No kidding. Can't do it. Right now.. I'm FORCING myself to eat whole wheat tortillas for my wraps for lunch instead of flour ones

    I understand the significance of everything that you said, but plain and simple... I tried it last February, and if I try to eat that way again, I will do nothing but go insane and over indulge on things far worse than what I'm eating now because that's what happened last time.

    I never eat fast food. I eat ALOT of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and lean ground beef, I stay away from fried foods (although there is one meal that I have fried tortillas with), I always look for lower sodium and fat everything.

    What I eat, while it isn't "perfect" it works for me as long as I can get my portions under control. Like I said before. I'm not hungry. It's not about being hungry. It's simply that I can't stop myself once I've started eating. I'm an emotional eater. I eat when I'm bored or stressed.

    My diet consists of more protein than carbs because I've cut out most pasta and when I do eat pasta I have whole wheat pasta because I don't notice a taste difference at all.

    Basically, what I'm saying, is that if you are one of those people that is able to completely and 100 percent overhall your diet and eat completely healthy and all that, I applaud you because I know that i would NEVER be able to do that. But if you're like me, there ARE ways to MODIFY what you're eating now, still obtain a much healthier diet, and still enjoy your food. I also understand that there are a good amount of people out there who find out they LOVE those super healthy foods, but there are also a good amount of people out there like me who really don't.

    I don't beleive that it's my food choices that are hindering me. I believe, again, that it's the portion control.

    I didnt mean to turn this into a long rant, I just feel really strongly about this and I want people to understand that there are "skinny" people who eat just like I do everday (and some worse). The foods i'm eating now are NOT what got me where I am today. Arbys, KFC and McDonalds got me where I am today. I'm not eating the healthiest food out there, but in my mind, I've come up with a pretty good balance.

    NOW, if I could just get that portion thing under control!!!!! :tongue:

    How much exercise are you getting?

    Right now, absolutely none. My boyfriend lost his job and I had to quit my gym membership. I do have Comcast cable with On Demand where I have access to tons of videos and stuff and I started doing that for a couple of weeks but again, with the will power, fell out of it again.

    I've been kind of going back and forth on whether or not to start that up again. Sometimes I feel like if I try to do too much at one time I fail on everything all together.

    My thought was to start with getting the food under control and then incorporating exercise, but then again, the exercise used to help keep me accountable "i didn't just work that hard to screw it all up!" mentality.

    So I haven't decided what to do yet.
  • kellchkellch Posts: 7,891Member Member Posts: 7,891Member Member
    Well I can't speak for you. Or tell you what to do. But I know that exercise helps alot of those feelings you have. The stress, the feeling bad about eating thing, the wanting to eat more, emotions, and a feeling of well-being in general. I can't afford a gym membership either. But I do have some workout videos and they work just fine. Sure you might be able to do a little better at a gym but something is better than nothing. There are MANY MANY days where I don't want to work out. And I say well, if I don't eat anymore, I can get away with it.:ohwell: But I MAKE myself. ESPECIALLY on those days I don't want to. Those endorphins make you feel so good. And just the fact that you accomplished a tough workout makes you feel so good about yourself. Try that....see if it helps....even if its going for a short walk. You will feel so much better. could get a family dog like a lab and it will help occupy the kid too :bigsmile: :laugh:
  • kellchkellch Posts: 7,891Member Member Posts: 7,891Member Member
    One more thing.......use your child as motivation to be healthier all around. You want to be there for graduations, dates, weddings, buying their first house, grandchildren, and so on. If you keep living an unhealthy lifestyle you won't be around to see it. Not saying this to scare you...well ok, maybe I am, it's the facts. You only get one body...take care of it. We're all guilty of making bad choices. But at some point you have to say No More. :flowerforyou: I'll keep you in my prayers girlie :flowerforyou:
  • kellchkellch Posts: 7,891Member Member Posts: 7,891Member Member
    OH! And another :bigsmile: :laugh: Maybe you're trying to do too much at once. Quit smoking, drinking, lose weight, on top of personal takes a toll on your body. Start with the workouts and the food..........I was smoking when I started working out......after a while of working out, I didn't want to smoke anymore, and I only drink on Saturdays now. I hated running out of breath during a workout and the way I was breathing scared me while I worked out. It was kind of a wierd sound I was making I cant think of the word for it but it sounded horrible. It made me want to stop. I also knew that as long as I was smoking, I would never be able to get in shape. :flowerforyou: Take it a day at a time and you'll get there...just have to get your mind right :flowerforyou:
  • Vanessa414Vanessa414 Posts: 644Member Posts: 644Member
    You know what, you're right. When I first started working out at the beginning of the year I remember coming home and just feeling... SO HAPPY... I remember i slept better than I had in years, I felt amazing about myself. It was great.

    I am going to start working out again too. I've made up my mind.

    As for the smoking, right now I'm down to 4 a day and I think that if I can maintain this until I get into some good habits for losing weight and once I get to that point where you got (which I did before and which is partly what threw me off course entirely because I wasn't quite in the right habit yet and when I tried to quit smoking I just stopped doing everything else) then maybe i'll quit. And for drinking, right now i'm down to two days a week (from 6.. yikes.) so I think cutting it down to one day shouldn't really be that hard. The other obstacle with that is not eating when I drink. But I'll just have to work on that too.


    This place is so great. Everyone here is so helpful and I really appreciate it. I'm actually feeling about a million times better and more motivated and more confident in my self since I posted this original post. So thank you guys!!!!!!! :flowerforyou:
  • kellchkellch Posts: 7,891Member Member Posts: 7,891Member Member
    There ya go :drinker: That's the attitude :flowerforyou: Babysteps and one day at a time :drinker: Slow and steady wins the race:drinker: I used to pig out after drinking too...but now, the thought of those greasy foods after I already drank calories just disgusts me. If I am hungry I have a peanut butter sandwich afterwards. Bread helps to soak up the alcohol and peanut butter is filling...but just one with a glass of skim milk. Not the normal after hours food I used to get, but it's gotten to the point now, that I look forward to it :laugh: I don't do that every time I go drink but if I'm hungry that's what I do.:flowerforyou: Milk and PB fill you up. And the next day I have my banana smoothie to sooth the hangover :drinker: They are yummy too :bigsmile:

    4 a day is a good start on the smoking. It's not an easy thing to do. Congrats girl. Be proud of that. It is a good start and it is an accomplishment alone :flowerforyou:

    Glad to help :bigsmile: Makes me feel good to know I help people :drinker:
  • pixiestickpixiestick Posts: 839Member Member Posts: 839Member Member
    The journey is the sum of small steps...

    That means that "losing weight" may not be the most important thing in your life right now. It may be that you need to exercise 3-4 times a week or quit smoking first. Let those be your success motivators. Put the scale away... lock it up for a month while you allow things that will boost your emotional disposition to change the way you see yourself.

    They key to big change is to change little things. We didn't gain weight overnight...

    And there are so many great people here for you. :heart:
  • bohlon15bohlon15 Posts: 2,643Member Member Posts: 2,643Member Member
    I was the same way as you when I first started this. I have completely changed my way. I waas way out of control with my portions and had no will power. Keep trying because it does get easier. :flowerforyou:
  • tresa1234tresa1234 Posts: 796Member Member Posts: 796Member Member
    You've gotten lots of good advice already, but one more thing that might help (it is helping me!) is to just make a pact with yourself that you will log everything you eat before you eat it if it is possible at all. Once you see those numbers staring at you, it can help you decide that maybe you don't really need to eat any more.

    Hang in there ... baby steps will get you to your goals!

    :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
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