Off the Meds! (inc lots of pics)



  • You are amazing and such an inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing your story! <3
  • S_Evanson613
    S_Evanson613 Posts: 62 Member
    This is amazing! You look amazing and I am so happy for you! I hope that you can continue on your med free lifestyle! Congratulations and so inspiring!
  • jontucc
    jontucc Posts: 142 Member
    I loved reading your story. Great results and dedication what an achievement!
  • watercolormama
    watercolormama Posts: 131 Member
    Wow, I'm jumping up and down celebrating with you! You are beautiful!!!! And, to take full responsibility to research and then do what's necessary is a huge inspiration. Thank you for posting:)
  • Shahs31
    Shahs31 Posts: 24 Member
    Omg u look amazing! Well done :)
  • Exquisitern
    Exquisitern Posts: 89 Member
    Congratulations! What an amazing journey!!!
  • alltheweigh170
    alltheweigh170 Posts: 287 Member
    I give you a standing ovation! Well done! Loved reading about the journey. Congratulations!!!
  • Barbarella44
    Barbarella44 Posts: 15 Member
    That is incredibly inspiring! You look fantastic, and set a wonderful example for all of us!
  • sofaking6
    sofaking6 Posts: 4,589 Member
    What a fantastic post to go along with your inspiring efforts. Thank you for taking the time to show us all how it's done :) And congratulations on beating back those MS symptoms, my uncle had MS so I know what it can do and how hard you have worked to not be a victim. Most hearty congrats to you.
  • SilverRose89
    SilverRose89 Posts: 447 Member
    Absolutely outstanding, such an inspirational post.
  • resh248
    resh248 Posts: 2 Member
    Wow wow wow!!! You are truly amazing and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing your journey. You look great!.x
  • PinkyPan1
    PinkyPan1 Posts: 3,018 Member
    You are such an inspiration! Your story brought me to tears. BRAVO for taking care of yourself and fighting back! You are beautiful!
  • shanrennbing
    shanrennbing Posts: 7 Member
    AWESOME!!! You are such an inspiration! That MRI comparison is crazy!
  • Zelinna
    Zelinna Posts: 207 Member
    Great work! You are such an inspiration
  • stevesgirl824
    stevesgirl824 Posts: 74 Member
    You're truly inspirational! You look very happy and healthy too. :)
  • bigldesigns
    bigldesigns Posts: 102 Member
    Thanx again for all the comments...

    Day 3 Meds Free - No withdrawals.. feeling good!
  • Oh man, you should be so happy and proud of yourself for numerous reasons, You have totally inspired me to the max! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful journey and congrats on your successes! :smiley:
  • Rachelerik
    Rachelerik Posts: 262 Member
    Wow! Thanks for sharing your journey. You look great!
  • meryl135
    meryl135 Posts: 321 Member
    You have such an incredible achievement here! So excited for you to go meds free. And, might I just add, that as a Naturopath, I feel deliciously pleased that you had such amazing care along your journey back to health :wink:
  • menotyou56
    menotyou56 Posts: 178 Member
    Wow you are amazing OP! Totally!
    So inspiring, thanks. :)
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