5'1 - 5'2 girls what is your weight?



  • Hey all I had a baby in Oct of 2013 and gained 65lbs!! Mostly due to preeclampsia...Ah!!! I'm 5'2 and 178lbs and have never been this heavy in my life. My bra size is an F. YIKES. I'm looking to get down to 135-140 for a starting goal and then see how I feel. I'd love to get down to 125 but we will see how things go.
    I've been working out like crazy for four weeks and just now got back into calorie counting. I realized that I won't lose weight otherwise! I'm looking for friends and encouragement on this journey! Send me a request if you are too!
  • AndreaEIE
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    I'm 5'0 and 120 lbs. I'm very happy at this weight. I'm small up top; I carry all my weight in my hips and thighs.
  • scaryg53
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    I am not quite that tall, I'm 4'11" and currently about 103. I was 170 and a 38 DDD and a size 13-15. I'm now a 34 A and a size 0-1. The weight I am at how is where I feel and look the best in my opinion.
  • lilbea89
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    I'm 5'1 and currently 157 pounds down from a high of 187. I'd like to get close to my college weight of 115 but right now I'm working on getting to 130 by my wedding in September. I think its attainable in this time frame. My main issue is my arms, they've always been bulky and thick.
  • Sophiasmomma
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    Im 5'3. I was always on thin side 105. until I had my children.after my first two I stayed around 140...but wasn't happy. After baby #3, I lost alot of weight and ended up around 130. I have since gained alot of weight and am now at 156 looking to be 135. That seems very realistic at 40 to maintain.
  • Helendv8
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    5'3 here and 132lbs. Very comfortable at this weight after losing 20lbs verrrrryy slowly last year through exercise and eating better.

    Could probably stand to lose a few more but I'm building up some muscle at the moment! Also a curvy girl - 32F here :D
  • Helendv8
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    Had to have a little giggle, I said I had no curves, but seeing a couple of D and DD posts I thought I should say a 32B has room for a pair of socks on me!
    32-25-34, ( made it to a 34c for a few months breast feeding and found it hard to cope with the size).
    If I had any curves, I too would be happy heavier than what I am.

    We are all sooooo different.

    Avitar is me at 105, not skinny looking by any means.

    Cheers, h.

    And isn't it funny how different people look at quite varying weights, even if they're a similar height? You look great at 105 but think I'd look odd! The human body is a wonderful thing :wink:

  • katyy401
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    I'm a little over 5'0 and have been battling thyroid issues. Quickly went from 130 to 110 and then back up. I think I look best below 110. Trying to get back there, currently 125.
  • spara0038
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    I'm 5'2" and right now and my best weight is about 115 to 120. I'm super close at 123 right now. Any less than that, and I'd look skeletal. I have a biggish rib cage and at 125ish I was already starting to see my ribs, so under 115 is right out of the question for me. Just want to tone up a bit at this point.
  • cabird101
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    Interesting. I'm 5'2" and felt and looked my best (thinner size six) at 150lbs. I always thought it was large leg muscles, wide hips and (DDD-GG) chest but comparatively this number seems pretty high to everyone else.

    Right now I'm 195 and am looking to drop 30 lbs, which will get me back into my size eights I think.
  • Angierae75
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    I'm aiming for 160 and then maybe down to 140, but I don't plan on going lower than that. I was 120 in high school and I don't feel the need to get down that low again.
  • yanetwy
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    I'm 178 now
  • Cazzy34
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    I'm 5'2" and my goal is 120. I'm currently 132 but still got a bit to go!

    When I was younger and danced a lot I was super toned at 108, but doubt I will ever reach that again!! I'm in my 30's now and I think my body is trying to hold onto my fat haha
  • segacs
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    I'm 5'1" and my goal is 115, or maybe a range of 110-115. I'll see when I get there.

    I'm 127 now but not very muscular, and still over 30% body fat, so even though I'm technically in a healthy weight range, I still have a way's to go. I'm a size 10 now, and I would like to get down to an 8 or maybe even 6 in some brands. I've never been smaller than a size 6 as an adult, and I maintain more comfortably at an 8, because I have giant hips.
  • jessmessmfp
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    I'm 5'2, cw: 120, gw 105-110.
    My weight seems to stay in in belly and legs.
  • Im a tiny bit over 5"2 and I'm shooting for 130lbs. At the moment I'm 140lbs. The lowest I've been is 135lbs (been yoyoing between these 5lbs for ages) and then my measurements were 37-27-39 so I'd be hoping getting to 130lbs would also give me a 25-26" waist without sacrificing too much of my curves :)
  • Whitezombiegirl
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    I'm 5ft0 and I look best at 100-105lbs (in my profile pic). I'm still curvy at that weight:

    hips: 35, waist 23, bust 32 C. Size UK 6-8
  • Fatimahasnain
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    I m 5 ft 1" cw is 115 lbs.. Gained 65 lbs during pregnancy... Almost lost baby weight just 5 lbs left... Strangely before pregnancy I looked really fine at 115 lbs but now I don't give smart look n my measurements r also on higher side... Hips 35.5 waist 27 chest 36 b
  • I'm 5'2" and after quitting smoking a year and a half ago I put on an instant 30 pounds without any change to my eating habits. My current weight is 150 but want to get back to 125 where I felt my best. It isn't coming off easy. This is my 3rd diet in 6 months. My doctor blames it on my age which is 45, I think that is BS. I know I need to exercise more but I have issues with my back so it makes this difficult if anyone has any ideas for me feel free to lecture!
  • Roxiegirl2008
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    I am just a little over 5'1" and my current weight goes between 130-135. In high school I was about 100 lbs. I feel really great with where I am now. I wear most size 4s. Its amazing what weight training will do for you. :D I thought when I started this journey I wanted to be between 120-125 but as I got closer and closer to my goal I am more than happy with where I am now because I can still enjoy life and remain at a healthy weight.

    Also, I train for marathons and 1/2 marathons so I muscular legs. I think for me personally, it is more about looking muscular than skinny. It took me a while to reach that point.