Why did you choose your username?



  • Foxglove89
    Foxglove89 Posts: 18 Member
    Mine is my favorite flower - tall, slender and graceful - all of which I aspire to be.

  • ashleycde
    ashleycde Posts: 622 Member
    First name, initial of my middle name, and initials of my paternal and maternal last names.
  • CoachJen71
    CoachJen71 Posts: 1,200 Member
    Not much imagination with mine. I'm a cheer coach. :)
  • MKEgal
    MKEgal Posts: 3,252 Member
    edited March 2015
    Because I'm a woman & live in Milwaukee.
    (ETA: MKE is the airport code for Milwaukee, WI.)
  • lingo10
    lingo10 Posts: 305 Member
    I watch alot of lingo on game show network lol
  • namelesshere
    namelesshere Posts: 334 Member
    I tried several names and they were all taken when I signed up, so just call me namelesshere.
  • GlamourVintage
    GlamourVintage Posts: 60 Member
    The reason I choose my username is that I'm glamorous. I love fashion, jewelry and makeup. That's also how the word vintage came because I love vintage jewelry. So there you have it, ladies and gents "GlamourVintage".


  • CarolWhoDat
    CarolWhoDat Posts: 14 Member
    Because I'm a New Orleans Saints fan! Who Dat!!!
  • rosnigetsfit
    rosnigetsfit Posts: 569 Member
    Because I'm getting fit! rosnigetsfit