do you ever feel your weight hinders your workouts?

i am currently 150lbs and only 5ft i sometimes struggle with the extra weight that i cannot jump as high, cannot move as freely as i would want. i feel like i am a little stuck because i am becoming fitter so my endurance is loads better but i cannot do some plyo moves and even just jumping and touching the floor or even doing pike ups is near damn impossible. i feel i could do these moves if i didnt have a hanging stomach or flabby thighs and fat on my hips. my chest also hinders things in which even wearing a good sports bra they still move and hurt my chest. does anyone else have this problem?


  • yhealthy2000
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    Just keep your workout going!! Never stop due to all the reasons you mentioned. Continuing with your workout will make you more flexible and make you get to your goal weight. You do the best you can and challenge yourself each week! This will bring the change you are wanting.
  • janegalt37
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    Yep. I'm 38 and have only started gaining extra weight 4 years ago. I'm sooo not use to it, and my mobility is horrible. The difference 50 pounds makes on my 5'10" frame makes me hate a lot of exercises I used to be okay with. Lifting heavy and elliptical in air conditioning is all I'm going to be doing until I get stronger. Most other movements feel kind of horrible, and I refuse to torture myself. It's a good thing I love lifting, because I have to do something.
    Keep on, Rachy, and don't be afraid to temporarily eliminate moves that you really hate right now; it'll be that much more rewarding when you add them back in when you're stronger and less..... chesty and such. lol
  • SquishyLaughter
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    I definitely do. I am a beginning runner, and sometimes on my runs, the thought crosses my mind that I am so slow, and "could be so much faster 80lbs lighter".

    Really though, other days I am just glad that I can run any distance at 210 lbs. It all balances out, and the latter thought manages to make me actually feel good about myself. The weight will come off from the workout, and you will see improvement. If anything, I see it as added motivation to keep going and lose that weight.
  • annette_15
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    Absolutely... I was 150 at 5'1 when I started and I def feel like it made it way harder. There are always modifications you can do for each move. The important thing isnt to execute every move perfectly but to keep moving, pushing yourself and improving over time. As you lose weight it get easier
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    Use it to motivate yourself :) I know I feel that way when I cant do a proper pushup (like a set of 10 on my toes, can only do 5 wide arm ones then cave).
  • ycel0612
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    Yeah. Whenever I am running, I feel I have given my all yet my speed is like 12mph. LOL. And my strength training is calisthenics so body weight really affects my exercises. I have to be lighter so I can lift and push myself that much. Since I am only a beginner, there is no way I can push up or pull up with 130 lbs weight.
  • brahmergirl
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    I know it hinders my running...As I have lost weight, my times just keep getting better and has taken me since June to see progress but I used to run 15+ minute miles, now down in the 10 minute miles. I have lost around 29 pounds and still have 11 to go to be at the minimum of where I want to be.
  • vickierivero1
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    I feel your pain. I am 158 and 5 ft 1. I am right with you on everything you said. I am still trying though. Hopefully we can lose the fat and it will be easier on us.
  • rachylouise87
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    thanks all for your replies. i have lost 46lbs so far but still have around 20-25 to go. i love t25 and thank the lord there is a modifier!
  • attemptingfierce
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    I think it hinders me from going to the gym. I live in an area where it seems like everybody is 6ft and blonde and thin and I'm not. I don't feel confident enough to go so I'll just skip it it and not workout at all or go for a walk around the block.
  • rachylouise87
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    I think it hinders me from going to the gym. I live in an area where it seems like everybody is 6ft and blonde and thin and I'm not. I don't feel confident enough to go so I'll just skip it it and not workout at all or go for a walk around the block.

    i don't go to the gym as i feel uncomfortable with people seeing my mummy apron flapping around :/
  • farfromthetree
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    When I started I weighed 173, workouts were brutal, especially burpees. After losing 45 pounds everything is sooooo much easier! When I began losing, I found I could not lift as much weight but body weight exercises(planks, burpees, pull ups) became so much easier and I am ok with that!
  • esjones12
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    Just keep moving! Even after dropping a bunch of weight (40lbs) I know I still can't do things as gracefully as fitter/skinnier people. But I still keep going. Because that is how I got to where I am. My favorite example is: when I first started I couldn't even touch my elbow to my knee in a bicycle and now I can do it like nothing! I didn't just wait until I could do it fully. I was doing them even though I couldn't touch.
  • _whatsherface
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    Yup. Started out at 318 and am currently 252. There are a ton of moves that I struggle with right now and so I don't feel like they're working out the areas they should. I just move on to something different or try to find another way to do it.
  • Eric_DeCastro
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    yes, I'm roughly 60lbs over weight and it feels like hell running 9 miles lugging around an extra 60lbs. I'll take losing 50lbs. maybe I could run 13 miles three times a week.
  • Hotshoe1200
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    I know that what you're dealing with is true. As I struggle through pushups and other Piyo moves, I have to remember that I'm pushing probably 40 lbs more than I should have to. Imagine doing a pushup with 8 bags of sugar sitting on your back! And I don't run at all. I did try it a couple of times out doors during karate class. We had to sprint to a certain point and then come back. I was pleased to run, but I felt out of control, like I wouldn't be able to stop! I was like X-men's Juggernaut!
  • dbmata
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    Absolutely, if I weighed about 60 pounds less I bet my running would be amazing. However, that would put my body weight considerably less than my lbm weight, and I ain't gonna do that.
  • Kalici
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    Yes, I know exactly how you feel. I started at 276 and I'm currently at 190. There are still moves I can't do, but I just two step through until it moves onto the ones I can. If you do that it'll feel awesome when you can do a move you couldn't before.
  • Hornsby
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    I could definitely ride my bike faster and run faster if I was willing to lose some muscle mass. I'm not though.
  • jjnt007
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    I am seventy two pounds overweight at this time and I cannot keep up with my bootcamp class. I will have to power walk the last running lap or I become winded and get behind but with time maybe both of us will be fit as a fiddle.