Thinking of joining weight watchers... Need some input...



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    I found it helpful to get started and quickly got repetitive for me. I got tired of the constant selling as well. My weight failures are directly tied to quality of my mental health. I'm addressing the latter and re-addressing the former. A friend's wife has been going on and off for 20+ years and loves it. I think of it as a viable tool in my tool box. I very well may need it again and I glad its there. Right now the MFP and water aerobics (add weights later) are working.
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    I tried the online WW started in January and although I did lose weight during that time the online program didn't do anything that MFP didn't do (except its not free like this program). I have never been to the meetings so I cant say anything about those. I did find that logging on here is easier than on the WW program. I hope this helps.
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    I think if you feel that the support and accountability is helpful, then it might be the thing for you to get you started. I needed the accountability to give me the jump start I needed. I didn't do WW, but I did do a "Biggest Looser" type program at my gym and used MFP along with it. We had weekly weigh in, and beginning, middle and end measurements. So you could do both. There was someone else in my program who was doing WW, biggest looser AND MFP at the same time. The accountability helped me to get started, but I knew I would be on my own after 10 weeks. I lost 7 pounds in the 10 weeks then I was able to continue on my own until I hit goal. So the accountability got me started so that I developed the good habits I needed to continue. I hit goal last May and haven't gained it back. My sister has been doing WW and lost 28 pounds so far. Good luck with whatever you decide. Only you know what would work for you. I agree that eventually we have to figure out how to do it on our own, but if something will help you to get there, why not try it? MFP app was key to my success.
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    I have done WW about 3-4 times, each time successfully for a short amount of time. I agree with all of the above: difficult app/database, poor focus on nutrition, focus on scale and selling every year or two they change the system which means you end up buying new books or "tools" over and over. My other issues were, if the friends you make there as your support quit, it makes it difficult to continue yourself because you aren't necessarily relying on you (my personal experience...when friends quit, I quit) and if the leaders change...not all leaders are created equal. I had a spectacular leader my very first time, but I got pregnant and had to stop going. After the baby, we moved, and I have never found another leader anywhere near as good.

    Have you found a group on here that is active? That has really helped me!
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    I am aware mfp is free and what it has to offer. I was just wondering if people found weigh watchers meetings helpful.

    I'm aware that only I can get myself to the gym and monitor what I eat. I just wanted some insight on what people thought about the meetings.

    Thanks for the information.
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    The question to ask is why do you think a once a week one hour meeting/weigh in is going to the big thing that instills the change in you to do what you already know you need to do?

    is it worth paying for that, or can you dig deep and do it yourself?
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    So about the meetings...they are prescribed topics. The leaders follow an outline with discussion points. I guess that is so every meeting in the country is covering the same topic in a week. Topics range from recipes, to education about the program, exercise, hydration, etc. and meeting attendees have open discussion on the topic. Whether the meeting is beneficial really depends on the leader and the group of people attending.
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    If you're asking the mfp community for opinions on weight watchers, you're likely going to get negative opinions since most people on here have either never done weight watchers, or have done it, but switched to mfp because they didn't like it.

    my mother has done weight watchers and likes it, but has never been on mfp. *shrug*
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    As far as the meetings go, that was another reason why I left. They were getting too cheesy for me. At the time they were focusing on one topic a month. The last month that I attended it was all about how to use table settings as a weight loss aid. Four whole weeks of discussing how cloth napkins and plate chargers would make the meal more special and help a person slow their eating down. Other topics were geared toward whatever they had on sale that month.

    If you are just looking for support, it might be a good idea to look into something like TOPS. There is a $32 a year membership fee plus monthly dues. The monthly dues vary, but it's an average of about $5 a month. Either way it's a heck of a lot cheaper and gives you the freedom still use MFP and whatever plan you choose on your own.
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    Jen0414 wrote: »
    I am aware mfp is free and what it has to offer. I was just wondering if people found weigh watchers meetings helpful.

    I'm aware that only I can get myself to the gym and monitor what I eat. I just wanted some insight on what people thought about the meetings.

    Thanks for the information.

    I initially found the meetings and weekly weigh ins motivating and helpful, although some of it depended on the day. Some meeting days were definitely better than others, so you may want to try different times/days. I actually missed it when I first switched to MFP, but I really preferred calorie counting over points. I did both for a while and finally picked one.

    I thought I saw in commercials that they even have coaching now. There's nothing wrong with trying it out.

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    Dnarules wrote: »
    Jen0414 wrote: »
    I have lost a ton of weight on MFP too but I have gained it back and need support.
    I am at a period in my life where I need that extra support even if it's only for awhile.
    I know that I am the person responsible for "not eating that donut" and getting my butt to the gym. But I need that extra support system right now.

    Then you've answered your own question. If you think it is what you need, by all means, try it. But Kristen's answer was not rude at all. People who do WW also gain back the weight, so it is not some magic answer. It can't hurt to try it. I started that way, but I got more out of MFP. Get a supportive friends list going and possibly join a group, and you might be able to get what you need for free.

    As an impartial 3rd party observer, I just wanted to reinforce that Kristen was not rude in the least…
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    I am a free lifetime member so it costs me nothing. I will not however be ever going to a WW meeting again. I didn't feel supported at the meetings and get more support here for free plus made lots of great friends. I've even met half a dozen from on here for walks.
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    Jen0414 wrote: »
    If anyone has anything relevant to say it would appreciate it.

    Kristen I don't know if you were trying to tell me something I didn't already know but your comment was rude and uncalled for.

    You call it rude and uncalled for - The rest of us would call it absolutely accurate and necessary. Sorry you got the smack of reality. Truth and honesty hurts sometimes.
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    The last time I joined, I really enjoyed it at first and lost about 10 pounds. By then I was sick of converting everything to points, and I didn't want the limits of the core program. If you can afford it and think it will help, go for it. You won't be locked into a long-term contract or anything.
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    Jen0414 wrote: »
    If anyone has anything relevant to say it would appreciate it.

    Kristen I don't know if you were trying to tell me something I didn't already know but your comment was rude and uncalled for.

    Which bit was rude and uncalled for? She was stating why (in her opinion, which does happen to be one I agree with) WW isn't that great.

    You ARE the only one who can make these decisions on a daily basis (as we all are, we're all in the same boat here, including that poster). MFP is great as there are always things on here to read and people on your profile or the forums who can give some support if needed. Or in my case, often, a kick up the rear. But it also teaches so much more personal accountability, in my opinion.

    It depends on you if you think WW will help with your situation or not.

    WW obviously works for some people but clearly you are going to get more people on here singing MFPs praises because if we are on here it's probably because it's working. You will likely find the opposite said at a WW meeting.

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    Sorry, this was posted twice....
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    Jen0414 wrote: »
    I am considering joining weight watchers for the supoort and to be held accountable..
    Any information would be great to help me make my decision.
    Thanks in advance..

    I don't have much experience with weight loss, because I did not gain weight until after menopause ( still through my own fault, but I was a normal weight from 43-51 kilos all my adult life......before someone tells me that is too little, I am under five feet tall ). MFP came highly recommended and even though I have Lupus and RA since school and take steroids daily, I still lost since April 2013 55 pounds by faithfully logging and maintaining a caloric deficit. I did it all free of charge and from the privacy of my home and with the support of about a dozen of friends I made here.
    I have four friends and neighbors who go to WW. One gave up after about 8 month, because she lost less than 5 pounds and has since November last year gained that plus a few visible kilos more. The other three go together and only live for weigh-in day. They eat almost nothing two days before, but after the weigh-in meeting they go out and literally pig out. It seems that most people in their group do the same. It also appears that no one has learned anything about basic nutrition, how the body works, about CICO and other elemental things that have to do with weight loss and basic they pay for that privilege. They all believe for example that vegetables have no calories.
    I do not want to put down WW, because I don't know the program and am not interested because MFP works for me.
    I wish I could give you helpful advise, but to be honest I can't even really comment on your OP. Until you are ready to commit, and it does not matter if it is WW, MFP or just a notebook where you do your own thing and hold yourself accountable, nothing is going to work.
    Personally I do not believe that anyone can keep/make another person accountable, because that is a personal decision. I do believe that people can support each other and only you can know what kind of support you react to more positively, but the responsibility for your weight and health is 100% yours alone.
    Whatever you chose, I wish you good luck !

    PS: I should add that all three of my friends complain about the cost of the program ( including gas cost and parking, which is very expensive in this country ) and the fact that they are always pressured to buy things ( what " things ", I don't know ). They also tire of cooking the WW way for them and something different for their families and are constantly surprised at what I eat .
    They have shared some of the recipes with me and some of the dessert was good and I even adopted the " Chili " recipe with green beans. However I am really surprised at the small portions compared with what I eat ( an all natural minimally processed diet). For me, since I am a volume eater who needs a full plate, that would be a big reason not to join WW.

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    Save your money - MFP does work, but you have to make it work. Just like anything else in life - you only get out of it what you put in. Send me a friends request. You must come to this site and log, log, log, MFP has to become your life. :D
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    I know right now you aren't my biggest fan. I need to give a bit of background then ask you to think about something.

    I lost 50lbs in 2012 (193-143), using MFP for the last 20. From the summer of 2012 to the fall of 2013 I managed to maintain it within 5lbs. At that point I quit MFP because I thought I had it all figured out. I knew how to keep it off. In December 2014, I weighed in at 167. I had went back to all my "bad" habits pretty much forgetting everything MFP taught me. EVERYTHING. Even down to the eating out of a full bag of chips on the couch at night. I hadn't gotten on the scale for more than a year because I knew if I did I'd have to go back to doing the "right" things. The fun would end. So, after that weigh in and re-gaining 3 pants sizes, I re-remembered and stuck to all those things that MFP taught me - I'm now down 14lbs of that 20ish I had to relose. It's all about doing all those things you learned for the rest of your life. Not just while you are "dieting".

    I think you need to ask yourself, honestly, why you re-gained it? Were you doing things that weren't sustainable? Did you have extreme goals? Or did you just become complacent like I did? I've always said all this is totally mental. Getting your brain in a place where all of it makes sense and owning up to our mistakes. No one is perfect. We all fall down, it's about getting back up and believing we can do it.

    Now, if you feel that WW is better than MFP, I urge you to try it. I wish you the best of luck in life. I'm seriously not a malicious person. Not a mean bone in my body.

    Wow.....Thank You for that. I have been trying to decide whether or not I want to quit WW & do MFP full time. I struggle with my weight day to day & you are right. At he end of the day we have to have FAITH in ourselves!!! Thank you again. I would love to become friends with you on here for support. :)