5'1 - 5'2 girls what is your weight?



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    5'0", here. I'm very muscular and solidly built, so even at my leanest I was about 106 lbs, here in this profile pic.
    I maintain a reasonably sustainable weight at about 112. I'm 130 now, but that's because I'm 26 weeks pregnant. :p
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    I'm 5'2", and 140.4 lbs right now. My goal is 135 lbs (I'm busty, 36DD), so I don't want to go much below 130. I was 125 lbs in high school.
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    I'm 5"1... heaviest was 160lbs, now hovering between 126-128. Still trying to cut down some more weight (left over fat), but really go off how I look and fit in clothes (or look naked). I was between 115-120 throughout high school but I'm liking my muscle tone a lot more now :)
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    I am 136 now but trying for 120-117 . I have been as low as 97 , but that was long ago. Funny so many little Gil's with 32 DD-me too!
    How low do you ladies go in calories? Doingb1200 but not seeing too much action.
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    I am 50 this year, 5 foot 1. I have been exercising like mad, and have considerably cut down what I eat since the New Year. I have lost 3 pounds. Yes, 3 whole pounds! (I started 171 pounds - would settle for 154 pounds). I feel fitter, and I am more toned, more flexible, and more importantly I am really enjoying all the activity so I will continue despite the slow decrease in weight, it has become about fitness for me. If I had cut back and had done all this exercise a few years back I would have lost 10 pounds easily. So, to all you young 'uns (females) I would say lose the weight whilst it is easier to lose. And to all the young females who say, excuses, just wait and see, you will get older too and you will face the same issues.
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    Cabird101 I was beginning to think something was wrong with me. I'm 5'2 and 183 lbs. That's me two weeks ago in the photo. I'm now crying! Snif! :'( (Not really) but why do I weigh so much?

    I'm also looking to drop about 35 lbs and doubt I will go beyond that because then I get low blood pressure and start to faint all over the place because I become anemic.
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    I'm 45 years old - Current weight 159. Height: 5'0 and 36D. Goal Weigh: 125. I have not been that weight in 20 years!!!
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    Karihappy wrote: »
    Wow, I am envious of all of you! I always used to say I was 5'2", until about 8 years ago, when I found out I had shrunk to 5'1". I am going to be 52 in May, and I do believe now I've shrunk down to 5'0". The sad part is, as I shrink in height, I seem to expand in width. I hit my all-time high of 201 at Christmas. I am 198.4 this morning. I feel great at 135, but as an adult, I've been as low as 125, for a brief time, when I was about 32 or so. As a teen, I was 119, and when extreme dieting, down to as low as 109, for about two whole days....lol. Needless to say, I think all my extreme dieting has wrecked havoc on my metabolism! Which is why I am going to start the FMD diet tomorrow. Has anybody joined the membership to Fast Metabolism Diet?

    Your metabolism is probably fine. :) It takes extreme, and I mean extreme conditions for a person's metabolism to actually be ruined. ;) I know I'm just one person, but I had an ED as a teen, got down to 95 lbs. (which wasn't extreme for my short height, but still pretty low), was fainting, losing hair and the whole nine yards, then proceeded to spend the next 20 years, literally, alternately doing 800 cal/day days with bingeing. For all those two decades, I had on my "good" days (yes, I called them that) fainting spells, memory loss and I had four miscarriages. Obviously, I was doing some damage. In addition, I have hypothyroidism.

    I am 47 now. If anybody's metabolism should be gasping its last breath and rolling over to half-gratefully accept death, it's mine, LOL. But it still seems to remember what it's supposed to do. ;)

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    As of right now, my goal weight is 135. I am currently around 175 so after I lose the extra 40 lbs, I'll see if I want to lose anything more. I am going less on what the scale says and what size my pants are and more of where I feel comfortable

    I hear ya on that. I am pretty much the same way. My goal is for 30-35 pounds and see how I feel about that. But I'm more going for what I feel comfortable with for now and continue from there. Keep going for your goal! But all in all go for what makes you the happiest. Best of luck to you. :)
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    I'm 5'2" and aiming for 125lbs, maybe 120lbs after that. I'm curvy too (32F boobs here too after 2 babies and nursing; but they are gradually going down with the weight loss too, at long last!). I'm 130lbs at the moment and still don't feel entirely comfortable, there's definitely some loss left to be had and lots of toning. My aim is just to feel confident in myself again :)
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    Hey ladies, glad I found where I fit in. I am 5'1 and I currently weigh 135, soooo uncomfortable!!! I was 108 in high school I've always been petite with small curves. After having a child and sweet toothing my life away I've landed myself here. With help from my trainer I've decided my desires weight goal is between 115 and 120. I want to lose the stomach and fat arms in exchange for a kinda-sorta defined 6pack, toned arms and legs. I really just want to feel comfortable and beautiful in my clothes again!!!
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    I'm 5'2" and have luckily never been terribly overweight; my highest (both pregnant and not pregnant) was 142 pounds. Too much for my frame, though. I'm currently around 108 and have been maintaining this for about four years. I look/feel better at 120 or less.
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    I am 5'0''. My profile pic is me at 120. I would like to get back there. Currently at 134.2.
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    5"2, highest 140lb, stayed at 130lb for a long time, now trying to get down to 110-120 :smile:
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    SW - 191; CW - 145; GW - 115 (45 lbs dropped since 9/21/14). GW is only because it's half way between normal BMI and underweight, but my cardiologist approves. It's been a while since I weighed that (@20 years ago) and it seemed like a pretty good weight for me then. I'm turning 60 this summer and would love to be at GW by my birthday but will take it when it gets here.
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    I'm 5'1
    Right now I'm at 129lbs, size 7 jeans.
    I would say I'm medium framed, considering my rib cage is quite wide, but my shoulders are pretty petite I think. Also, Im went from a 38D to a 36C.
    Ive lost 17 pounds using mfp. <3
    My goal is 110. Lets work hard people!!
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    "mikidee;31723549"]SW - 191; CW - 145; GW - 115 (45 lbs dropped since 9/21/14). GW is only because it's half way between normal BMI and underweight, but my cardiologist approves. It's been a while since I weighed that (@20 years ago) and it seemed like a pretty good weight for me then. I'm turning 60 this summer and would love to be at GW by my birthday but will take it when it gets here. [/quote]

    do you not think that is possible since its been over 20 years since you been at your goal weight that it might be unrealistic or maybe not unrealistic but difficult for you to be able to maintain it if you do reach a it? Js.
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    The other think to remember is if you weight train you will weigh more but be smaller, more compact, and look GREAT outside of your clothes. I was my smallest (unhealthy though) at 113 I wore a zero. But I had 8% body fat because I was lifting crazy. I went from size 6/8 to that zero and the scale moved 7-8lbs!

    My goal is to not focus on weight do much but size and tone. I know lots of skinny soft squishy bodies that don't look so hot in their underwear.

    So ask yourself do you want to just be skinny or firm toned with higher weight because your muscle weight is up... Meaning you burn more calories and can eat a biy more too?
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    Lisa_0527 wrote: »
    WOW!! I'm not sure if I am motivated or depressed after reading this thread

    my height is 5' 1"
    SW for MFP was 220 (my all time high was 238)
    CW: 217
    GW: 130 (my lowest before having kids was 118 but I am not going to push myself to get there, I am going to go with what feels right)

    Best wishes to all of you!!

    Be motivated! Choose your own path...honesty a lot of these goal weights look way low and seem difficult to maintain and have a real life to enjoy to me...I've been there. I was a zero but ate high protein % for measly 1000 calories a day and burned 500-1000 calories exercising 6x a week! I maintained that for maybe 1/2 a year.

    Building muscle is going to help you be smaller although weigh more, but what rationale person cares if you look good and your butt is firm and tight!

    I have weighed 205 been as low as 105 as an adult.
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    Check her out, she gains 15lbs and is so much smaller and leaner!