116 lbs lost and in trouble



  • LeenaJean
    LeenaJean Posts: 276 Member
    I think you should talk to your wife about this, not us. I don't agree with what you are saying she said but I also don't think she deserves to have assumptions made about her by strangers.
  • Rob_the_ToonMan
    Rob_the_ToonMan Posts: 27 Member
    She's getting better about it
  • TXRedDirt
    TXRedDirt Posts: 45 Member
    I'm dealing with the same thing and I know its just my wife is jealous of the change. When we got married 5 years ago I was 255 and she was 135. Last October we decided to work on our weight. My starting weight was 280 and hers was 215. Today I'm 226 and she is 210. The fact that we started our marriage over 100 lbs apart and are now 16 lbs apart makes her feel like crap. I just tell myself I can't stop this for her insecurities I have to do this for myself, our daughter and her.

    Oh and I still tell her I love her and that she is beautiful everyday.
  • brenn24179
    brenn24179 Posts: 2,144 Member
    I tell you you cant win. Do what is right for you. When I weighed a certain amount my daughter said I looked sick. I weigh about 20 lbs more now and probably do look better. So maybe I needed a balance but I sure don't want all that weight back on.
  • blackmantis
    blackmantis Posts: 165 Member
    I cant believe she actually made the decision to voice this to you, where the hell is the support. SMH
  • scaryg53
    scaryg53 Posts: 268 Member
    I've found that some people can't be happy for other people's successes, it drives me insane. Congrats on your weight loss and hard work. If she can't appreciate it, someone else sure the hell will.
  • crazyjerseygirl
    crazyjerseygirl Posts: 1,252 Member
    Lonespar wrote: »
    well I'm at 116 pounds lost I went from 343 pounds down to 227. sad thing is my wife's not that happy about it she gave me a 10 minute speech at raise volume last night about how terrible I look thin. I'm 227 I don't feel like I'm then but I am thinner......kind of discouraging

    Assuming she is generally awesome (the best of us have bad days) tell her you love her, tell her you're worried that this means deeper problems, tell her you think she is beautiful no matter what. Offer counciling.
    Seeing as that EVERY list that concerns cheating spouses has "working out/loosing weight" on it's list she might be scared of something that isn't so.
  • Adc7225
    Adc7225 Posts: 1,318 Member
    I think she needs more time to adjust!

    I'm going to play both sides of the coin here - I started at 244, I lost about 40 lbs. or so pounds and I was dumped - no words just unavailability at a time when I was at a very vulnerable state :'( Fast forward, I got over it and lost another 40lbs. or so and meet someone new who then decided that he needed to lose weight because of me :( Not really sure how I felt about that and I am still adjusting to the physical changes but no matter what I know that he is still that same very sweet, caring, wonderful man he was 20 lbs. ago!

    It is hard when love ones change, and I think it is harder when it is by choice (as opposed to some sort of illness or something beyond ones control). I think our minds play games with what is motivating the change!
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