What Supplements Are You Taking?

What is everyone taking and how often? I take the following, usually twice a day:

- Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer - .66 scoop mixed with 2 cups whole milk (722 calories, 78g carbs, 21g fat, 56g protein)

- Micronized Creatine - 5g

- Fish Oil - 2 gelcaps (600mg Omega 3)

- Alpha Jym - 3 caplets (testosterone booster)

- Vitamin D - 500mg (due to deficiency, not fitness)

- Pre Jym - .66 scoop (pre-workout) *Only taken for morning workouts.


  • MissMary75044
    MissMary75044 Posts: 517 Member
    Just iron for anemia
  • ton8_22
    ton8_22 Posts: 2
    Mass tech. There's already creatine on it
    Orange triad
  • simonsaysmx
    simonsaysmx Posts: 22 Member
    edited March 2015
    Optimum nutrition whey
    Multi vitamin
    Vitamin d
    Vitamin c
    Fish oil
    Probiotics (sometimes for digestion) as well as Apple cider vinegar twice a day
  • hyIianprincess
    hyIianprincess Posts: 302 Member
    Vitamin D3 + Calcium
    Folic acid
    Multivitamin + Digestive support.
  • waldo11690
    waldo11690 Posts: 51 Member
    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein and a multivitamin.
  • vicridge4
    vicridge4 Posts: 24 Member
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    I work at a health food store, so I am super into this stuff. I take:

    Trophic: Complete 1 Multivitamin/Mineral
    Platinum: Fish oil, 800epa/dha
    Now: Gingko Biloba for brain health (can't hurt)
    Probiotics: 10billion
    Kaizan: Chocolate protein powder (use occasionally)
    BioSalts 12: for muscle soreness. Homeopathic
    Concentrace: for trace minerals (use occasionally/once a month)
    Dong Quai for hormone control (super helps with cravings without the jitters)

    Plus doctor-prescribed iron for anemia
  • MarziPanda95
    MarziPanda95 Posts: 1,318 Member
    I'm not allowed to take any vitamins or minerals or anything like that because of a medical condition... but since youse included protein powder, I guess I'll include my protein bars. I'm currently using diet PHD (about 170-180 calories, 25g of protein) but I'm probably switching to Quest soon because of the fibre (I don't get enought fibre and Diet PHD only has like 1g a bar).
  • darcey633
    darcey633 Posts: 1 Member
    Optimum nutrition serious mass
    1250 calories
    250g of carbs
    50g of protein
    25 vitamins and minerals

    I take a 1 scoop in the morning and one before bed, I gained 3 kilos in 5 days this weight gainer is very good and recommend it
  • lauracups
    lauracups Posts: 536 Member
    Resveratrol 1200mg
    Bromelain 500mg x2 a day (this has been a pain management blessing )
    Potassium 99mg
  • mynameisoliverqueen
    mynameisoliverqueen Posts: 63 Member
    Emergen-C Vitamin powder (in morning)
    Solgar 7 Joint & Mobility Support Capsules
    Solgar Whey2Go Protein Powder
    BCAA Capsules (3:1:1 ratio)
    Various protein bars depending on what macro's I have remaining at night.
    Lots of water!!!!!
  • Wheelhouse15
    Wheelhouse15 Posts: 5,589 Member
    Whey and casein, fish oil, a multi, and creatine.
  • warrrn69
    warrrn69 Posts: 42 Member
    All of them :dizzy_face:
  • terizius
    terizius Posts: 425 Member
    I haven't heard of a lot of these, I've got some homework to do now.
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,826 Member
    Whey protein (as needed) and a multi once a day
  • LolBroScience
    LolBroScience Posts: 4,564 Member
    Fish Oil, Vit D, Multi, Creatine.
  • jmule24
    jmule24 Posts: 1,404 Member
    Whey/Casein blend (as needed)
    Vitamin D3
    Vitamin B12
  • Sabine_Stroehm
    Sabine_Stroehm Posts: 19,270 Member
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    Magnesium complex
    Evening Primrose
    zipfizz (multi vitamin powder)
    black cohosh as needed
  • sjohnson__1
    sjohnson__1 Posts: 415 Member
    Creatine, Multi Vit, BCAA's, & Fish oil. Protein is supplemented when necessary but not daily.
  • vfit10
    vfit10 Posts: 228 Member
    Protein supplement Multivitamins and fish oils
  • earlnabby
    earlnabby Posts: 8,177 Member
    Body Fortress whey - 1 scoop in plain Greek yogurt with lunch
    B12 - 1250 mcg
    D3 - 5,000 IU
    Multi vitamin/mineral
    MSM - 1000 mg

    Currently I am off the iron supplement but if my next CBC comes back low on hemoglobin I will need to get back on it I will take 325 mg daily.