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I'm FAT and sick of being this way!

ok, I am not obese fat, but I need to desperately lose 30 lbs and start living a healthier lifestyle. I have a goal of losing this prior to going to the beach in mid July. I can do this...can't i!!???


  • MinxyNZ
    MinxyNZ Posts: 57 Member
    Hi there and welcome. There is a lose 20 pounds by the 4th July group starting 6th April. You can find this group in the Motivation and Support forum, sign on up!
  • kjurassic
    kjurassic Posts: 571 Member
    yes! you can do it - but you must want it bad enough. If the will is not there, you will not succeed. I would shoot for a one pound loss per week - if you make 30 by July fine, if not you're still on a path to making healthy habits - for life!
  • urloved33
    urloved33 Posts: 3,323 Member
    Of course you can..its an up and down journey just stick with it and don't beat yourself up when you make a mistake, thats all
  • CoryBIsMe
    CoryBIsMe Posts: 74 Member
    I have the same amount to lose and time frame I want to lose it in. Good luck. We can do it!