Friends needed!



  • I've lost my energy, trying to eat right but I've fell off on my workouts... Mad at myself!

    Add me! In need of motivation! Thanks!
  • rdouma73
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    Anyone looking for new friends feel free to add me.
  • mowens77
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    I've been back on mfp for about a month but have only been using the diary. I need a little friendly motivation myself. Add me :)
  • Add me too!
  • BadassSavageVix
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    Send a request and I'll help where I can. Always nice to have mutual support.
  • saberika87
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    I'll take any friend requests as well, always looking for motivation and motivating others :)
  • elly620
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    feel free to add me on here and on instagram: EllySecret30
  • syedumairtelecom
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    A friend in need is a friend indeed
    Add me here
    Kik & snapchat @ syedsexy
  • Lshona
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    Add me!
  • Feel free to add me.My current goal is to increase body weight,while dropping bf%.So far,so good!
    All my best to everyone on here.Dont give up ever,the results will come with hard work and dedication.
  • noclue0828
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    lemonaid7 wrote: »
    Hi, always looking for new friends, especially with a open food diary like me. Please feel free to add me.
    Hey me too! I notice a lot of people have their diary set to private. My diary is wide open! Add me!

  • shawnaready736
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    Add me, new as well
  • Add me. At 56 years old, I post my leisure exercises daily. I'm looking for fitness.
  • Sig02
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    Feel free to add me.
  • AyeCorona
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    I'm just getting back on here after a hiatus. I'm looking to make some new friends. My current goals are to lower my bf% and drop about 15lbs.
  • PattieCakes25
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    I added you. Im always down for new friends to stay accountable
  • ALNoog
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    I am back after a long hiatus and looking for friends to motivate me and that I can motivate in return.

    Everyone free to add me.
  • karleeoc
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    me too :) add me
  • Frequently_Fabulous
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    Add me too please! :)
  • Butlergirl78
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    Looking for motivation and support too. I also have a fitbit and would like to participate in the challenges. Add me