Post here if you want more friends!



  • paulakelly62
    paulakelly62 Posts: 7 Member
    Finding this all quite daunting, not exactly sure what I'm doing or how to add people. Any help would be kindly appreciated :)
  • cattizzy
    cattizzy Posts: 13 Member
    I've been on MFP for 55 days now and I have lost almost 14lbs! I could not have gone this far without the motivation and inspiration from my friends on here! Having friends on my MFP really does help push myself to succeed in my weight loss journey.
  • NoelWilliams5
    NoelWilliams5 Posts: 6 Member
    You can add me as well :)
  • Alex37166
    Alex37166 Posts: 38 Member
    Nine days for me on here, but have been losing weight for almost a year now. I have already lost 43 lbs and looking for a few friends. Feel free to add me. :-)
  • walkonfire5
    walkonfire5 Posts: 648 Member
    Free feel to add me
  • asaw00
    asaw00 Posts: 1,904 Member
    Hello, I am always looking for supportive people to help and be helped. Feel free to add me!
    AFINGLE1 Posts: 7 Member
    Please Add me - A newbie 41 days Vegan + no sugar!
  • hayley0181
    hayley0181 Posts: 59 Member
    Hi,I've been on here since January and came off the wagon for the last month or so. I'm back on it now and have lost 10lbs with around 25 more to go. Looking for more friends for accountability and motivation :)
  • tashiros
    tashiros Posts: 36 Member
    Always nice to have people to talk to about exercise and diet feel free to add me
  • nafisa7378
    nafisa7378 Posts: 189 Member
    go on then.... ill be your friend
    I would love to be your friend :)
  • nafisa7378
    nafisa7378 Posts: 189 Member
    tayz321 wrote: »
    Does anyone need advice or have hit a plateau? Add me!! Always willing to share and help
    I would love to be your friend
  • punisherj
    punisherj Posts: 2 Member
    Always looking for motivated people to help me keep going
  • DJBootyBean
    DJBootyBean Posts: 13 Member
    I'm looking for motivating friends who can help me stay commited since I have a loooong way to go! :) All people are welcome to add me!
  • kitschykate
    kitschykate Posts: 7 Member
    Hi, Im on a journey to become fit and healthy. The more active inpirational people cheering eachother on, the better!
    My activities/interests typically include:
    Power walking with my border collie
    "Blogilates" pilates with Cassey Ho
    Cooking healthy meals trying to stay whole foods and vegetable centric
    Mowing my yard with a reel mower!

    I have only been active on MFP for 40ish days but ive been on my journey for a year now.
  • vegansouled
    vegansouled Posts: 3 Member
    add me! i just joined
  • 04_Shelb
    04_Shelb Posts: 3 Member
    Hello, I'm Shelby. I used MFP several years ago and lost 30 lbs. I since got off my journey and have tried and failed ever since to get back on it. I could use friends and support
  • Feel free to add me. Love to stay active with weights and cardio. I added some more strength over the winter and am now shedding a few pounds leading into the summer.
  • ephraimshere
    ephraimshere Posts: 15 Member
    Me >:)
  • Donnamar86
    Donnamar86 Posts: 14 Member
    New here too, add me!!
  • Robertamccann
    Robertamccann Posts: 30 Member
    Looking for new friends. Add me. Let's do this