What is the last thing you ate?



  • shadowfax_c11
    shadowfax_c11 Posts: 1,942 Member
    lentils and chicken with red curry sauce. OMG yum! All ingredients are listed on my dinner log for this evening.
  • AmazonMayan
    AmazonMayan Posts: 1,168 Member
    I needed carbs so I had a big bowl of cereal - 55g (1 1/4 cup) cinnamon almond protein cheerios and 15g (full cup) puffed kamut cereal with a full cup of 1%milk. It hit the spot perfectly :p
    THINJESSIE Posts: 23 Member
    A soft boiled egg and 4 ounces of mozzerella cheese
  • AmandaPantz87
    AmandaPantz87 Posts: 27 Member
  • lookingood247
    lookingood247 Posts: 32 Member
    Parmesean crusted chicken from Claim Jumper.
  • DeterminedFee201426
    DeterminedFee201426 Posts: 859 Member
    a bananna
  • kiittenforever
    kiittenforever Posts: 479 Member
    Fiber one 90 cal brownies ..hit the spot.
  • charlotteX92X
    charlotteX92X Posts: 344 Member
    Cheese platter and wine in the garden for lunch because the weather was beautiful and its Sunday gtwg28mjndb1.jpg
  • Deanodino
    Deanodino Posts: 28 Member
    I inhaled a whole Easter egg last night because I had the calories spare
  • Iri_2
    Iri_2 Posts: 349 Member
    Pizza crackers
  • i4gv777
    i4gv777 Posts: 17 Member
    I ate a handful of almonds because that was all I could have to stay within my calorie limits.:-)
  • NJbabe
    NJbabe Posts: 113 Member
    I had 40 gr. of Dr. Oetker's double chocolate Muesli with 175 ml. fat free milk... imported from Germany. Nom! :)

  • star1407
    star1407 Posts: 588 Member
    Almond milk, Nutella, peanut butter and half a banana whizzed up into a super yummy shake. Yeah baby
  • 00figg
    00figg Posts: 111 Member
    chocolate fudge fro-yo with almonds and cinnamon teddy grahams...
  • 81Katz
    81Katz Posts: 7,074 Member
    Last nights snack:
    80 calorie bag of Wonderful Pistachios.
  • trishallen1957
    trishallen1957 Posts: 4 Member
    diced ham and scrambled eggs with fat free cheese and a slice whole wheat toast
  • williams969
    williams969 Posts: 2,528 Member
    Cake! I had the most delicious slice of homemade red velvet cake EVAHHHH!
  • shadowfax_c11
    shadowfax_c11 Posts: 1,942 Member
    2 ounces of french baguette, sliced thin
    1 tablespoon canola oil
    1/4 tsp dried basil
    1/4 tsp minced garlic
    1 sliced kiwi
    1 oz English coastal cheddar cheese
    1 medium banana, sliced
    572 calories
  • avskk
    avskk Posts: 1,789 Member
    Just had an excellent bacon/egg/cheese breakfast sandwich, strawberries, and plenty of coffee. Go Sunday!
  • nickatine
    nickatine Posts: 451 Member
    just had a protein shake, now espresso