• Hadabetter
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    hard boiled eggs (I premake a batch to keep in the fridge)
    Greek yogurt
    string cheese or other cheese snacks
    protein bars or shakes
    beef jerky
    Hard boiled eggs is a good idea & I love cheese! Thank you!

    Most cheeses are extremely Calorie dense. Do your homework with them and eat in moderation. Non-fat Greek yogurt is pretty awesome.
  • shrinkingletters
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    The obvious answer *for me* was a scoop of protein powder with some nonfat milk in the morning. That, with my usual egg white scramble in a wrap, has been keeping me full well into the day, as well as making sure I'm getting enough fuel for workouts first thing in the morning.

    I tend to be like you and just grab whatever's easiest, and it took a lot of tweaking to find out how to eat in a way that looks a little more balanced.
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    If you have a simple taste, you might just like plain packets of chicken or turkey breast slices.
    not cheap processed *kitten* that are super thin and made for little kids sandwhiches or something.
    But actual carved slices.
    I buy 120g packets of Chicken breast slices or Turkey breast slices in any local supermarket (super value, aldi, lidl, dunnes stores, m&s, etc etc) for about €2 each. 30g protein with like almost 0 carbs and fat, and pretty filling just eating the entire packet (usually 3-4 decent slices).
    But I may just be weird like that. I just absolutely love chicken and turkey so much, I eat them about 10-12 times / week minimum, in some form/shape or another. lol.
  • shrinkingletters
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    You know those rotisserie chickens you can buy in grocery stores pre-cooked?
    They are your friend.

    My protein problem is that I rarely plan for protein, which makes it really easy to blow all my calories on carbs/fat, which means I have the same issue as you - I'm constantly hungry.

    Cheese strings, home-made jerky, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, etc are really helpful. I buy the chicken mostly when I travel for work because my days end up never going quite how I plan, so it's easy to add to meals. That being said, I literally will just grab a piece of chicken out of the fridge while I'm doing stuff and nom. Or I'll do up a bowl of chicken with bacon and cheese and a smidge of ranch dressing. Delicious, delicious protein.

    Omg you explained it perfectly.. I always have a question in my head & have a hard time explaining what I'm trying to get at.. It's so easy for me to eat carbs & fats but sometimes I don't eat a lot of protein or fiber & I'm left super hungry. Thank you for the food suggestions :)

    Yup, I'm the exact same way. I didn't realize until I started logging, that I was really not getting even close to enough protein, it was all carbs/fat.