Reasons your weekends fail

Happy Monday! I really want to be successful on my deficit. Friend me if you want a buddy! I work a 9-5 and finding it easier to maintain while I'm busy with workweek and have a structured schedule. Staying on my intermittent fast and counting at a deficit both fail on weekends. Weight loss is trial and error so let's run through some reasons we fail on our deficit.

I'll start:
1. I eat more on the go items instead of structured meals on weekends leaving me hungry thus binging and overeating calories.


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    My weekends are not failures, but rather a break from the week..

    Sunday rolls around and I still exercise and on Saturday I am active (but it is a rest day), but I do eat at maintenance... I just like to enjoy the weekend with my family with limited structure.
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    I just get LAZY on the weekends!!! I have the best of intentions to hit the gym (don't have to work, so what's stopping me, right?), but get started on watching my recordings and next thing in know, it's 12 o'clock and lunch time, then start cleaning the house, then there's the groceries, and then the 2 o'clock "lazy zone" hits me and I'm done.... =~/

    I literally have to FORCE myself to turn OFF the TV and hit the gym as soon as it opens on Saturdays or else I'm useless the whole day... then Sundays are just as bad!!! :blush:
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    So you're intermittent fasting?

    You could eat 200 less than maintenance Mon, Wed, Fri, 500 on Tues and Thurs then have maintainence plus 300 on Saturday and Sunday

    so no fail

    My weekends don't fail because I average across the week
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    AND not to mention if you have kids and hubby that love to eat! So when they snack - I snack! ugh
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    My "weekend" is actually Thursday-Friday, sometimes adding Wednesday. Alcohol is a big component of empty calories and visiting my roommate's parents is a big component of eating unhealthy. They are great hosts and like to serve appetizers like nachos, cheese and crackers, or pita and hummus. The dinners and lunches are, in general, healthy, but laden with carbs (something I don't eat a lot of). So 2-3 days a week, I eat/drink an additional 1,000 calories.

    I need to address this ASAP!
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    I can honestly say they dont fail more than any other day. Pointless to blame it on a particular day but if you are weaker on that day then just understand why and take approriate action. Allocate calories, do exercise etc.
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    Oh for sure weekends are hard. I lose all my weight Monday thru Thursday and maintain on the weekend. I'd like to keep losing all week long but normally it just isn't feasible for me unless I want to make myself miserable. Life is just too short to be miserable.

    Basically I don't exercise as much, find it impossible to stay at 1220 calories even on a good day, and usually eat more meals out- and alcohol! Can't forget that. I don't overdo it by any means, but it's still hard to lose any poundage.
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    no fail on weekends...I treat my weekends the same as my weekdays...still workout, eat structured meals (85% of the time) it's all on your desire and drive.

    For example this weekend on Saturday I had breakfast went for my walk/run did my normal Saturday grocery run etc got ready for a bday party went to it had a few drinks, ate some food but wasn't over. Sunday rest day so cleaned the house ate breakfast and dinner had my snacks and rested.
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    alcohol, or I just don't track my food
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    I'm with Hardcore and Monkey. Alcohol. The stupid thing is I get a ton of exercise on the weekend but I wind up over eating and over drinking it all away. I'm pretty much in the same boat though. During the work week I plan my meals out each day and know exactly what I'm eating. I really need to do the same on the weekends.
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    Alcohol. And lots of eating out. Not really in restaurants or anything, but visiting family and friends. I barely see anyone during the week cause of my busy workschedule, so I have lots of social gatherings in my weekends.
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    To make this thing work is to make weekdays and weekends the same. What you do on a weekday, do on a weekend. If you wouldn't have a beer when you get home from work (which I do), don't do it on weekends. If you plan ahead what you'll eat on weekdays, do it on weekends. The weekends shouldn't be an excuse to "relax".

    But in a different respect, there should be room in every day for things you like. I eat a structured breakfast/lunch each day so I can fit in ice cream, beer and popcorn with butter later on. And if I work out after work, I can usually have 2 beers. We typically have an idea what we will do on weekends by Thursday. If I know that Friday night we will be doing X, Y & Z, I plan those into my day so I don't go over. It's a total mind set. Some days I really don't care and will go over then the next day get right back on...
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    millzy64 wrote: »
    I'm with Hardcore and Monkey. Alcohol. The stupid thing is I get a ton of exercise on the weekend but I wind up over eating and over drinking it all away. I'm pretty much in the same boat though. During the work week I plan my meals out each day and know exactly what I'm eating. I really need to do the same on the weekends.

    This for me too. I don't drink alcohol every weekend but it is food and some times alcohol that put me into maintenance calories or a little over. I also tend to be super physically active and do a lot of formal exercise but it just doesn't make up for it.

    Meh. I am losing over all.
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    Along with many, my problem is alcohol and eating out more.
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    My mornings (Sat and Sun) are usually out the door by 0715 to get rolling for, on average, a 2 hour plus ride. Including stops (for regrouping and hydration) and stowing gear, I'm lucky to be heading home by 1230. Needless to say it's not easy getting enough calories before or during a ride so yeah-- if I'm not careful I can easily go "over" on chocolate milk, alone.
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    I don't. I want to loose weight more than I want to overeat. Not saying it is easy. But if I want to eat more I have to move more. Period.

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    I usually stay within my calories but not my macro/micro. If I want to eat 350 calories of pasta I just might but I won't go over my calories.
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    Also make sure you're drinking water!