What was the best thing you ate today?!



  • tanklifetj
    tanklifetj Posts: 184 Member
    Avocado, I eat at least one everyday and it is always the highlight of my day.
  • MissRheingold
    MissRheingold Posts: 2,013 Member
    yummmm........a scoop of chocolate frozen custard from Freddie's......my splurge.
  • arian10daddy
    arian10daddy Posts: 2,758 Member
  • SwedishSarah
    SwedishSarah Posts: 4,350 Member
    sweet potato fries with chipotle sauce
  • baby_firefly_666
    baby_firefly_666 Posts: 192 Member
    Vegan banana ice cream
  • ronald3haney
    ronald3haney Posts: 15 Member
    A bowl of maple & brown sugar oatmeal with chia seeds and blackberries.
  • Altagracia220
    Altagracia220 Posts: 876 Member
    It's still too early for me to have eaten anything significant, but so far it is center cut bacon. By the end of tonight though I'm sure it'll be the guac and chips and rib-eye rice bowl that I'm going to have along with a vodka soda when I go out later on. :) Happy Friday indeed.
  • MissRheingold
    MissRheingold Posts: 2,013 Member
    Trader Joe's mozzarella and tomato salad with balsamic vinaigrette
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
    FabulousFantasticFifty Posts: 195,638 Member
    So far Breakfast was ok and lunch was Meh so I'm picking COFFEE! :yum:
  • Lasmartchika
    Lasmartchika Posts: 3,440 Member
    Wingstop's Wings. I had 4 different flavors... I enjoyed their new Serrano flavor. :yum:
  • Iscah13
    Iscah13 Posts: 1,954 Member
    A big fat loaf of bread. Delicious.
  • calbadger
    calbadger Posts: 283 Member
    Homemade grilled chicken breast with habenero-mustard sauce.
  • CJisinShape
    CJisinShape Posts: 1,429 Member
    So far, drumroll please.....

    scrambled eggs cooked with seasoned salt, black pepper and a teaspoon of Progresso heart healthy southwestern black bean and veggie soup, with a side of thin sliced deli ham.

    Wow! So good.
  • wolfsbayne
    wolfsbayne Posts: 3,116 Member
    Supreme pizza. And coffee.
  • RJ0274
    RJ0274 Posts: 4,174 Member
    Roasted cauliflower with olive oil, garlic and parmesan cheese. My new favorite thing ever!
  • 32sami
    32sami Posts: 381 Member
  • Carol_
    Carol_ Posts: 469 Member
    Honestly, today it was my 'Flintstones Vitamin'.
  • s_y8s
    s_y8s Posts: 1,849 Member
    Chickfila salad
  • madhu1981
    madhu1981 Posts: 4,829 Member
    Protein shake