How much have you lost?



  • withoutasaddle
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    Maybe 5lbs? I only want to loose another 5-10 more and I've been takin it really slow, but I'm happy with my progress!
  • fr3smyl
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Machka9 wrote: »
    13 kg (29 lb) in 13 weeks.

    All CI<CO.
    Lots of exercise.
    No cheating.

    And that includes two mini-plateaus. One when I started ... took me 10 days before I lost anything. And a 2-week one which ended about 3 days ago.

    14 kg (30.8 lb) in 14 weeks.
    Good job
  • christykae82
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    I've lost 34.5 pounds in 32 weeks. The last 5 pounds to my goal weight have been extremely slow to come off.
  • CoachJen71
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    86lbs in 10 months. I have been trying to push for 2lbs/wk most of the time, but when I get tired and need a break, I pull back to .5lb/wk and exercise less. More details of what I do can be found throughout this thread here. :)
  • brdnw
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    90lbs, 285 to 195 currently, trying to get to 185-190 gradually.
  • Expat4Life
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    23 lbs in 3 months! 42.5 left to go :)
  • ptargino
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    64 lbs in 4.5 months (from 262 to 198)
    Have lost another 4.5lbs since, but I'm basically in maintenance, just trying to reducing body fat %. Gonna start bulking soon :smile:
  • tomofnj
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    105 lost in 13 months, but the first 3 or 4 months I barely lost any since I was only sneaking up on eating healthy. I just have a lot of jiggly belly fat I'm working to get rid of, and want a few more inches off everywhere else. So, not done but it's all good. :)

    Happy days are here
  • sneaky_teaky
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    I have lost 43.4 lbs since mid january (137 days with MFP, 4 1/2 months roughly) 22.8 Until my goal weight(the top bracket for a healthy BMI for my height(5'7"). Once I reach that goal I will reasses If I need to go further.)

    I started out with a calorie goal of 1540, but have since dropped to 1340. In the first few months I was only tracking calories, plus drinking more water and no sodas. The next few months I started focusing on healthier calories and started exercising by playing Just Dance 2014. Last month I got a fitbit to track my exercises and keep consistent.

    My motivation for weight loss is the same thing that might halt my progress or even undo it a bit. This August is when my husband and I have decided to start trying for our first child. I wanted a healthy pregnancy and we thought my weight would cause problems(according to BMI I was obese, I am just overweight now.) I do plan on talking to my doctor at my appointment in 2 weeks about my caloric needs during pregnancy-If anything just to maintain my weight but still have a healthy baby. I feel realistically I might gain more than I would like, But this whole weight loss journey hasn't been solely about me. After coming so far I don't want to just throw it all away either, so after pregnancy I plan to work on being a healthy mom and role model.
  • Phoenix_Down
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    It took me 9 months to lose 53 lbs. And about 6 months doing a lean bulk where I gained 4 lbs.
  • ElvenToad
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    97lbs lost during the past 15 months. Started at 268lbs, now am 171lbs at 5'4. Very close to getting into the 160's and reaching the big century club :smiley:
  • gherring2014
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    52lbs....5 months
  • Louz163
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    46lbs lost to date started the second of january 2015
  • Gska17
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    19 pounds. I started February 2nd. I aimed to lose 6 more but I've upped my calories, slowed my goal to .5 lbs lost per week, and I've been bumping along between 130 and 132 for weeks.
  • Cortneyrenee04
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    70 pounds, just shy of two years. Hoping to be "done" at the two year mark (10 more pounds).
  • kellycasey5
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    I'm at 17 pounds lost in 20 weeks, and I'm happy as a clam so far. Some go fast, some go slow. It all depends on you and what works. But, if you work the calories and are honest, it does work :)
  • eileensofianmushinfine
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    in 18 months I have lost 45 pounds. I only started MFP in late December/early January
  • katieross1508
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    11 weeks down 20 pounds. Feels great only 30 more to go!!
    Congratulations to all !! We are all rockstars!!!!!
  • MistyBlue9
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    Officially 5.4 lbs in 11 months but at one point i did lose 21 lbs then put some back on again. Not too bothered if my weight loss is slow, this is a lifestyle change for me so i'll be doing it forever :)
  • Nataliegetfit
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    I have lost 27 lbs since Jan 4th. I work out 5 days a week, started 15 minutes and am up to 50 minutes. I am logging all my food and it's working well with me. I have 20-25 lbs I would like to still loose, and tone up a lot in the belly area. It's not really skinny I am looking for, it's no fat tummy and look healthy and fit. Whenever I get there I will say hallalulia and start maintaining. Just don't stop trying, sometimes we try harder some days than others and that's ok. Just keep tracking and don't really give yourself a time limit. Most of the weight came off the first two months, then it's been slow and steady the rest of the time. small habits can equal out to big changes in your life.