One year of logging and 50+lbs gone. Lots of pics!!



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    Amazing!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  • sombrefawn
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    Hey guys! Just wanted to give you all an update. I've been maintaining pretty well since my OP as I'd wanted to give my skin some time to shrink... which I think worked well. I'm down 59lbs total and everything is tightening up nicely :)

    Here are some recent pics! PS; first time baring my tum tum on the internet... eek! Also, purple hair.

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    Well done! Way to go!
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    Awesome job.
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    You are adorable and funny! Love "obeast"!!!!!!
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    You go girl! <3
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    You are looking great! Thanks for sharing.
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    Great job !! You look awesome !
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    Congratulations!!!! You look amazing!!!
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    Congrats! You are beautiful!! Your "beginning" stats are almost exactly the same as mine. I still have a LONG way to are an inspiration! Sending you a FR :)
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    You are a rockstar!! Also, yay for purple hair!
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    Great post, you have a great sense of humour and zest for life! And it goes without're gorgeous! Congratulations!
  • sombrefawn
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    Thanks so much! Also for those of you interested here's the update on my weight loss that I posted this past Friday:
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    What a transformation! You were beautiful before but you look fantastic now, well done you!!!!