where's everyone from and what do you do for a living



  • dhulteng
    dhulteng Posts: 1 Member
    Hello! I live in Billings, MT and am a Business Integration Specialist with a degree in Information Technology.
  • Sharon_73
    Sharon_73 Posts: 189 Member
    I'm from Ottawa, Ontario and I am an Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP), Policy and Compliance Advisor. And yes, it is as boring as it sounds!
  • kjacobs06
    kjacobs06 Posts: 13 Member
    Hi there =) I am from upstate NY. I am a Direct Support Professional and take care of people with developmental disabilities. =)
  • idolon
    idolon Posts: 12 Member
    I'm from Ohio and I break software and tell other people to fix it.
  • bionicrooster
    bionicrooster Posts: 353 Member
    I am from NJ and I am a product engineer for a large Cable TV and entertainment company.
  • mauritius08
    mauritius08 Posts: 2 Member
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    Zurich, Switzerland. I'm studying linguistics and cultural sciences and I work for an international airline as a customer service manager
  • carnadi88
    carnadi88 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in Northern VA and I'm an Test & Evaluation Engineer for Boeing.
  • Kelven2330
    Kelven2330 Posts: 41 Member
    I hit F5 on this forum all day.
  • fevrale
    fevrale Posts: 170 Member
    I'm originally from Pennsylvania. I'm an anthropologist.
  • mcn79
    mcn79 Posts: 112 Member
    Kenosha, WI (Between Milwaukee & Chicago), I'm an admin asst/unofficial operations manager in Real Estate.
  • las07s
    las07s Posts: 150 Member
    Florida, Statistician, PhD student (Biostatistics)
  • ggsmamma
    ggsmamma Posts: 117 Member
    Anchorage, Alaska and I raise money for the University of Alaska Anchorage. I'd like to lose about 40#. I work a lot and have not been very good about integrating movement into my day. Of course, I also eat too much! I am working on both of those.
  • moosiemom
    moosiemom Posts: 70 Member
    Hi. I'm from San Francisco bay area. Office Manager at an IP investment firm working with patent lawyers.
    Anyone from the bay? Surprisingly, I didn't see one. (Or maybe I just missed it.).
  • allaboutthefood
    allaboutthefood Posts: 781 Member
    I live in Muskoka, ON Canada. I am a stay at home mom and a baker/decorator I bake and create custom cakes and other goodies.
  • price0909
    price0909 Posts: 50 Member
    New York - CFO at a commercial construction co.
  • scary_mary73
    scary_mary73 Posts: 52 Member
    I'm from Manchester, England (I have seen a few on here from Manchester! :) )

    I work retail at the moment.
  • mikedenali
    mikedenali Posts: 181 Member
    Vancouver BC, Canada and I'm an Electrician but I work in Campus Planning and Development at BCIT. I'm basically a glorified trades babysitter
  • kharding18
    kharding18 Posts: 8 Member
    I'm from Canada and I'm a student/Tim Hortons slave.
  • TuffGong21
    TuffGong21 Posts: 251 Member
    * bump *
  • clairebills873
    clairebills873 Posts: 10 Member
    Hi I'm Claire, 34 from the UK and I'm a hairdresser, well done on your weight loss xx