5'4-5'6 girls!



  • Mezzie1024
    Mezzie1024 Posts: 380 Member
    CW: 122
    GW: 115

    I'm going down to my lowest healthy weight so I can focus on building muscle for a while without worrying much about weight gain. I like being 120 or a few pounds above or below.

  • autumnnfuller
    autumnnfuller Posts: 4 Member
    20 years old 5'4
    GW:120? may change as I get closer but that's where I'd like to be as of right now. If anyone is looking for friends feel free to add me :)
  • SCP0914
    SCP0914 Posts: 74 Member
    I'm 5'3 and 1/2, is that close enough?

    SW: 216
    CW: 165
    GW: 125 (depends though, I'm hoping to gain some hardcore muscle.)
  • CrystalConsults
    CrystalConsults Posts: 67 Member
    53 Years Old
    5'5 1/2
    CW 141
    GW not sure. Echoing some other comments: Goals are to be fit and healthy. Also, no binging or yo yo

    Small boned, can overlap my thumbnail when I do the wrist wrap test.
    In my 30's I was 120 to 123. Slender and toned, not muscular. Might build more muscle this time, so that would mean more weight. Fine as long as I feel and look good. What can I say, still vain at 53. :smiley:
  • saramichelle89
    saramichelle89 Posts: 65 Member

    CW: 168 lbs
    GW: 125-130 lbs

    It seems like such a battle. The weight loss is sooo slow. The scale is barely ever moving. Usually up at that! :-(
  • pianoplaya94
    pianoplaya94 Posts: 185 Member

    SW: 145
    CW: 119
    GW: 115

    I met my goal in September but the stress of school kept me binging and I gained a few... hoping to get back :)
  • IzzyBooNZ1
    IzzyBooNZ1 Posts: 1,289 Member

    SW: 65 kgs ( 143lbs)
    CW : 58 kgs ( 127 lbs)
    GW: 53-55 kgs (116-121 lbs)
  • SetofIrons
    SetofIrons Posts: 1 Member

    Starting Weight This Round: 170
    Current Weight: 166
    Goal Weight: Trying for 130 by my birthday, 120 overall.
  • 20Grit
    20Grit Posts: 752 Member
    5'5 -
    I have no goal weight, I've been up to 220 and down to 125 in my life, I lift weights so I've put on a lot of muscle....I'd like to lose just a bit of fluff and I'd be okay with that, right now I vary between 145-150. I think I'd look sick any lower than 130.
  • astrocosmiczoom
    astrocosmiczoom Posts: 86 Member
    Barely scrapin' 5' 6''!

    SW: 164.5
    CW: 152.8
    GW: 138

    I'm super pear-shaped, so any lower than ~130 and the top of me starts to get freaky thin.
  • rmcloughlin22
    rmcloughlin22 Posts: 61 Member
    SW: 205
    CW: 198
    GW: 160

    I've been in the 150s and 140s before. I look average at 150 and comfortable and I looked GOOD in the 140s. However, both were hard to maintain, especially 140. This time around I'm aiming for 160. I want it to be easier to maintain, plus I want to put on some muscle.
  • Janevien77
    Janevien77 Posts: 8 Member
    SW 71kg ~ 156.5lbs
    CW 70kg ~ 154lbs
    GW 65kg ~ 143lbs
    At one point I was 57kg ~125,6lbs and felt great but couldn't maintain it.. I hope I'll look good and feel comfortable if I ever reach 65kg and if I don't, I'll decide if I want to lose another 2-3kgs..
  • lizzocat
    lizzocat Posts: 356 Member
    edited June 2015

    GW: 130's , I think!
  • FaileAybara
    FaileAybara Posts: 21 Member
    SW 200
    CW 195
    GW 150
    UGW 135 - but I'm not sure I could actually keep this up.

    I like how I look at 150, I have a med build and big boobs. Once I hit 150 I will primarily focus on staying healthy and fit - if I continue to drop fine, if I don't also fine.
  • CarleenG2015
    CarleenG2015 Posts: 3 Member
    edited June 2015
    Hi all

    I'm 5"6

    After being on a long holiday my SW/CW 137lbs. I just want return to my normal weight of 126lbs which is my GW. Open to the idea of any fun challenges people know of.

    C x
  • folgers86
    folgers86 Posts: 84 Member

    SW 185
    CW 164
    GW ~135 - I start to look like skeletor around this weight so I may up it to 140lbs
  • CostaRica120
    CostaRica120 Posts: 274 Member

    CW 138
    GW 125-ish?

    The lowest I've been as an adult is about 129, so I'm not sure how I'll look below that.
  • He1loKitty
    He1loKitty Posts: 212 Member

    SW 178
    CW 151.5
    GW 145

    Trying to be realistic with my expectations! :D
  • yasminbower1991
    yasminbower1991 Posts: 63 Member
    SW: 182
    CW: 123
    GW: 112

  • cleanbulk_hatersgfy
    cleanbulk_hatersgfy Posts: 31 Member
    Ht: 5'4"
    CW: 108#
    Goal: No weight in mind; maintain BF; get more lean