5'4-5'6 girls!



  • macr0babe
    macr0babe Posts: 61 Member
    I'm 5'4

    SW: I don't even know but close to 200 I'm sure.
    CW: between 165-170, I don't check until Saturday
    GW: 130-135 (how much I weighed when I found out I was 3 months pregnant)

    I'm trying my best to be realistic in my goals, especially since I'm hoping to have muscles - as opposed to the mostly skin, organs and bones I was before.
  • ElizabethKalmbach
    ElizabethKalmbach Posts: 1,416 Member

    CW: 154
    GW: 145 ish?

    Or 18% body fat - wherever that happens.
  • batteryacids
    batteryacids Posts: 11 Member
    I'm 21 years old and 5'4"

    CW: 272
    GW: 250 by summer's end
  • Shandajh
    Shandajh Posts: 57 Member
    SW: 138
    CW: 122
    GW: 110-115 - I'll know when I get there. I'm trying to lower my body fat from 25% to 20% and at 122, I still have some blubber. Although some say 110 is too skinny - it wasn't for me. I used to weigh that and it looked good.
  • KeysGirl23
    KeysGirl23 Posts: 117 Member
    Height- 5'6
  • AnnaCVis
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    Height: 5'4"
    SW: 152
    CW: 137
    GW: 130, but not picky.

    It's most important to be healthy and feel great!
  • Shandajh
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    Tbaby1514 wrote: »
    I'm 5'4 my SW was 242 lbs CW 204 lbs unsure of what my UGW is, just kinda going to go until I feel happy. I think that will probably be somewhere around size 4-6 jeans.
    -- just for reference, I too am 5'4 and 122 now, which is size 4. I think when I was 138, that was a size 6 for me.

  • killerqueen21
    killerqueen21 Posts: 157 Member
    Height: 5'4
    SW: 138
    GW: 125
    CW: 121

    Looking to stay here. If I gain a few i'll reign it back in and tighten it up but I'm not afraid to gain weight and would like to maintain around 120-125
  • mphlab
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    5'5" SW 212 CW 134 I feel fine like I am, I do not need to lose anymore
  • healthybearey
    healthybearey Posts: 140 Member
    Height: 5ft4
    SW: 182lb
    CW: Unknown yet
    GW: 140lb

    Anyone feel free to add! :)
  • racheln2017
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    Height: 5'6
    SW: 240
    CW: 229
    GW: 125-135
    My goal wait entirely depends on how I feel and look when I get down to around 140ish. I've never been skinny, so I don't know how I'll look, but I'll know. If I feel I have more weight to lose, I will. And when I get around 130 I'll be completely fine, especially since that means losing over 100lbs. I know it'll take time, but I've already lost 11, so I've only got 99 to go :)
  • mlongoria27
    mlongoria27 Posts: 1 Member
    CW: 190 LBS
    GW: 155 LBS

    Trying to lose weight for the military.
  • alone_aqua
    alone_aqua Posts: 28 Member
    5'5 I've changed my goals to focus on inches/size vs. weight- since I've never "looked my weight" so to speak.

    SW: 225 - Size 16
    CW: 175 - Size 10
    GW: 155 - I'm guessing size 6/8 - Planning to lose three more inches around my mid-section, and try to maintain my hips as I go.
  • kshadows
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    I'm 5'5.6"

    SW: 183 - Size 14/16
    CW: 127 - Size 4/6

    All goals now revolve around inches and not pounds.

    Edited because autocorrect.
  • lckiehl
    lckiehl Posts: 68 Member
    SW: 205
    CW: 155.5 (50 pounds gone woohoo)
    GW: 146

    I will see how I feel when I hit this current goal weight. I feel good where I am right now and honestly would be fine maintaining. I do not have a small frame and even in high school when I was at peak fitness I was 135-140 and in a size 6 jeans. I am almost down to a size 6 now but my body composition is completely different so we'll see. It's really fascinating to see the wide range of goal weights here!
  • blondx7
    blondx7 Posts: 1,683 Member
    SW 230 - size 18
    CW 176.6 - size 10
    LW 157 - size 8-10
    GW 155
  • angenscott
    angenscott Posts: 4 Member
    5'6" Age 42 1/2
    CW 196.4
    SW 225
    GW 144
    I want to be healthy. I am struggling with a sugar addiction and an I don't want to attitude. Another words I dont want to change anything I am doing but the weight to just come off. I realize this is unrealistic thinking. I currently as of today just want to pray and ask God to help me overcome the sugar addiction, and anytime I am craving to motivate me to either get into His word, Or get moving, or drink water. Really want Him to help me so I can give Him all the Glory as to Him changing me from the inside out. My heart is just wanting to be so disobedient and eat what I want. I have done this whole fitness pal thing before. I start and I stop and I start and I stop. I have seen some real encouraging things though. I would love to be faithful enough in my keeping track that I log in for 180 days straight. I would really like to get this extra weight off. Just to feel better. I have continued the walking and exercise, that is a positive.
  • geministyle
    geministyle Posts: 30 Member

    CW: 165 and a size 8
    GW: 145-150 and a size ?

    Most important I want to preserve my lean mass. Right now that's 117 pounds of me.
    So if I could get down to a solid 145-150 I think that's a good goal.

  • azrocha
    azrocha Posts: 6 Member
    I'm 25 years old, 5'5"
    SW: 155
    CW: 135
    GW: 128

    I had hit 129 a while back and felt amazing...however, when I look back I realize I was substituting so many meals for smoothies and was only happy if I were falling asleep with a growling tummy. I am much happier now, even if the scale isn't 128. I am not just working on leaning out and eating as clean as possible. If I hit that GW, awesome. If not, it's all good =) Good luck on your journey! Always remember, it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change.
  • azrocha
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    I am now* just working