Lose 5lbs in July 2015 Open Group

Forest91 Posts: 1,203 Member
This is a continuation of a group that has run for many months. Feel free to join in at any time!

Here's what you do:
Post your weekly weight, your successes and struggles and give support to the person above you!

SW:(Starting weight)
CW:(Current weight)
GW:(Goal weight for this month)

Weigh in dates:
Start of the month(07/01 Wednesday):
07/04 Sat:
07/11 Sat:
07/18 Sat:
07/25 Sat:
End of the month(07/31 Friday):

Total weight lost:

Please give encouragement to others.

NOTE: These posts reset at 500. If the thread locks go to the last post and look for the link to get to the second installment.

To make things easier let's keep the same weigh-in days from last month what was a Saturday.


  • UMDavies
    UMDavies Posts: 87 Member
    Going to give this a go for the first time, wish me luck!


    I've got my plan set to lose 2lbs per week so I'm going to aim for that, but realistically I have a work trip and a family visit coming up so things might not be so great those weeks, although I'm going to really try and stick to my calories. 166lbs would put me under 11st for the first time in my adult life - the first time I remember weighing myself (I must have been around 16/17) I was 11st 4lbs, so this would feel so good. Also, two of my friends have just started an incredibly expensive 'personal training' diet plan thing where they pay someone to email them menu plans and workouts each week. Of course I support them and it is whatever works for each individual at the end of the day, but this has given me some serious motivation to get off my backside and get the weight loss started again - without forking out over £250!

    Good luck everyone!
  • ATHLegal
    ATHLegal Posts: 352 Member
    OK I'm in
  • michiwano
    michiwano Posts: 21 Member
    I'm in.
  • saudakariima
    saudakariima Posts: 1 Member
    GW: 173
  • 1shep1
    1shep1 Posts: 24 Member
    I'm in and if anyone wants to add me we can comment on each other's progress to help with more motivation.


    Good luck everyone!!
  • Clarewho
    Clarewho Posts: 494 Member
    OK I'm in.

    SW: 163lb (last weigh-in was last Friday, 26th June)
    GW: 158lb at end of July

    I'm going on my summer holiday on 6th August so I'd love to lose 1lb a week between now and then. I've been at it for a couple of months so hopefully it won't slow down too much in the next month :smiley:
  • foofyq
    foofyq Posts: 42 Member
    SW: 138
    GW: 134 by end of july (honestly these next 3 lbs are SO STUBBORN. I just want to get under 135) :#
  • genki90
    genki90 Posts: 94 Member
    Yay! I love losing weight with company :D

    SW: 142lbs/64.5kg
    GW: 138lbs/62.5kg
  • denhar01
    denhar01 Posts: 13 Member
    This sounds like a really good idea
    SW: 150lbs
    GW: 145lbs
  • tone4good
    tone4good Posts: 2 Member
    I am in!

    SW : 127.2
    CW :
    GW : 122.2
  • hooey78
    hooey78 Posts: 83 Member

    SW: 159.6
    GW: 154.6

    Excited to get focused!!!
  • Forest91
    Forest91 Posts: 1,203 Member

    SW:192lbs(13st 10lbs)
    CW:176.4lbs(12st 8.4lbs)(As of 30/06/2015)
    GW:171.4lbs(12st 3.4lbs)

    Weigh in dates:
    Start of the month(07/01 Wednesday):174.2lbs(12st 6.2lbs)
    07/04 Sat:
    07/11 Sat:
    07/18 Sat:
    07/25 Sat:
    End of the month(07/31 Friday):

    Total weight lost this month:2.2lbs

    Overall loss:18lbs

    Good luck everybody with this month.
  • sweetnickyy
    sweetnickyy Posts: 14 Member
    Alright, count me in :)


    I'm so excited. I know we can do this, so let's make it happen!!! :)
  • Valeriablu
    Valeriablu Posts: 3 Member
    edited July 2015
    SW: 132.3 kg (292 lbs) as of 16/Jun/2015
    CW:128.3 kg (283 lbs) as of 2/Jul/2015
    GW:124.3 kg (274 lbs)

    Weigh in dates:
    Start of the month(07/01 Wednesday): 128.3 kg (283 lbs)
    07/04 Sat:
    07/11 Sat:
    07/18 Sat:
    07/25 Sat:
    End of the month(07/31 Friday):

    How: Diet + P90X
    Total weight lost this month:
    Overall loss (16/JUN/2015 - today):

    Good luck everybody!
  • bsmith101112
    bsmith101112 Posts: 31 Member
    Never done this before, but I'm in!
  • mrs_madison_keane
    mrs_madison_keane Posts: 45 Member
    edited July 2015
    What a great support idea! Oh and I would love to make new friends! Add me! :)
    SW: 176 lbs
    CW: 150 lbs
    GW: 125 lbs by December 2015!
  • hooey78
    hooey78 Posts: 83 Member
    It's day 1! Let's do this!
  • hooey78
    hooey78 Posts: 83 Member
    Sorry for the double post...something went wrong!

    SW: 160
    CW: 159.6
    GW: 135 lbs by Jan 1, 2016 (154.6 for this month!)

    Let's do this! :)
  • dadbar42
    dadbar42 Posts: 10 Member
    Gotta start someplace, why not here! I'm in then...


    I need all the prayers o:) and mojo, voo-doo whatever it takes! I'm a very picky eater, but the things that I pick are obviously the BAD ones! >:)
  • TiJoGa
    TiJoGa Posts: 545 Member
    I'm in, fingers crossed!

    SW: 237
    CW: 199
    GW: 137