What was your 'I finally need to lose this weight' moment? (And was it as bad as mine?)



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    Mostly pictures and health reasons. Socially I don't feel fat or out of place (most of the time) but my knees are not happy with all the extra weight. Plus shopping sucks now. I am tired of being "the fat sister" in the family.

    I can relate to the fat sister comment :) im the middle sister and 50lbs heavier than the others. My little sister is getting married in august so I decided I didn't want to be the fat sweaty sister in the wedding. I should have started sooner but some progress is better than no progress.
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    I really do like this thread. It's not a matter of schottenfruede, it's a matter of reading what everyone else has been through and knowing that I'm not the only one.

    I had so many of these moments, I don't think I can pick just one.
    • Realizing I was too fat to ride a ride at Six Flags (and the guy with the gut next to me was not)
    • Realizing my fat pants were too small to fit
    • Seeing pictures of myself that I didn't recognize
    • Not being able to take a decent pic of myself, even with utilizing all of the angle, lighting, and Photoshop tricks I know

    Each one of these spurred a little moment of motivation, but motivation is fleeting, and so I would quit.

    It didn't really permanently "click" with me until the last semester of college. I knew I was the heaviest I'd ever been, but with a full-time job and being a full-time student, I felt sort of helpless, so I just let it go until after I graduated. I was making a trip out to New Orleans to visit a friend after graduation. I couldn't wear anything except my work slacks because none of my jeans fit. I spent the entire time looking at some of the grossly obese people who live in that region and wondering if I was heavier, or if that was going to be me some day. I loved seeing my friend, but needless to say, the trip itself wasn't very fun.

    After I got back, I just - I don't know - decided that it was the right time to give it a go and that I wasn't going to give up this time, no matter how hard I tried.

    So, it's kind of funny. After all the "aha" moments I've had about my weight, I guess the moment it clicked was due to a slow boil. That was in 2012. I've lost almost 90 lbs and counting since then, but my greatest sense of achievement comes from the fact that I've managed to keep losing (although slowly) through a family death, a move accross the country, and a new relationship. Aside from a little hiccup during the move, it's still sticking.
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    Honestly, I never had an exact moment. I've been bullied or at least teased by everyone I've ever met in real life about my size and my appearance at some point in time, except for family like my Aunt, grandma and grandpa, cousins, etc, probably purely because we never spoke long enough to get into it. Every friend I've had has said something nasty, unintentionally or not, at some point in time.

    Getting called a whale by people I considered friends, getting told 'I didn't think you needed pizza' when I asked why I wasn't invited out with friends at lunch, teased and jabbed at with subtle 'you're so much bigger than me' comments, down to being told by family that my motivation for things revolved around food even when that wasn't the case. Never mind the disgust any other kid would openly show when our friends teased us about one of us liking the other. Typical kid stuff that bloomed into something humiliating incredibly quickly.

    This isn't a sob story, it's just how it's always been; I've been "big" since I can remember. I wasn't a fat baby, though. I guess it really clicked for me when I became so painfully self-aware in High School. Every thing I did was awkward. When I walked I lumbered. When I ate I felt like a cow. But there wasn't any single moment when I told myself "I need to lose weight". I tried and tried again with diet and exercise since I was thirteen but didn't make any permanent changes. It was just a feeling at the back of my mind that lingered and grew stronger constantly until I finally made the decision to get serious.
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    I know this discussion is kind of old but for me, it was when I bought a pair of size 14 shorts to wear, without trying them on. Just looking at them I just knew it would fit cause they looked huge, but when I got home to put it on for my little brothers waterslide bday party I couldn't even get them past my thighs. I was mortified! I hid the shorts in my closet due to the pure shame. After that I started my lifestyle change.
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    When I was walking home from work and a random stranger sniggered "look at them thunder thighs" as I walked past. I was in tears all the way home.
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    mine was so similar to yours. It wasn't even close to being fat, I'm in the healthy range, some even said I was pretty skinny and just not super skinny. Asians just have unbelievable level of skinny that it is nice to be as skinny as in the unhealthy range like 170 cm ( 5'8 or so ) and at 110 is good.
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    After healing from Cancer and a hysterectomy and gaining all my weight back that I had lost before treatments.

    I am week 14 post surgery and cancer free. I have the ok to everything. So I started back up.

    I am not happy about the 30lbs I gained Bc of hormone treatment. So now I am on a mission to lose it for once and for all.
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    I technically had two aha moments...the first one was I had to go on a business trip on a plane for the first time in 15 years...the way there was uneventful but on the way home I found out I couldn't buckle my seat belt. I was on a packed plane too embarrassed to ask for the seat belt extension holding the two ends together and praying we didn't hit turbulence. My second moment was when this guy I was seeing dumped me for a much younger,much skinnier woman. He never said weight was an issue to him but to me it was an issue. So I'm down about 115 pounds and have about 50 more to go but have been platued for about 6 months
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    I was very overweight when I was at school so I was living with that realization of needing to lose weight thanks to name calling and needing larger sizes. I yoyo'd from there for a long time. I guess though what made me realize this time (to change to healthy eating and fitness) was the fact that my weight would rise up every time I finished a diet. My fitness level had never really improved either so I knew then I needed to make changes.
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    It was a combination of things for me. I was told that I needed to lose weight for surgery, which I'm only 1lb away from. I was in the biggest size that they sold at my local clothes shops at the time. I went up to 250lbs and am now back down to 178lbs. Got about 30-35lbs until my ultimate goal weight. Surgery goal is 177lbs. I've gone from a 48"-50" waist in trousers to 32"-34". I'm now having the opposite problem in that most of the local clothes shops don't sell anything below 32" waist trousers so am going to run out of clothes to buy. I was on a load of meds just to get by, now I hardly take any now.
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    That was really rude of that guy. I'd probably smarted something back at him.lol Those people will always be ugly on the inside, which makes them ugly on the outside. In my opinion. Mine was when I saw my dad and what diabetes did to him. He lost his muscle mass and has inflammation. To the point of having to help him up and put his shoes on. My dad has always been a strong stout man. This disease has taken a lot from him. He was diagnosed at the age of forty. I'm 30 and afraid if I don't lose the weight that I'll be in this situation soon. I weight 199 and struggle with eating right and now just exercising 5 days a week for 30 minutes. I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and on medication for that. Plus high blood pressure. I'm not a "healthy type" of person when it comes to food and how much to exercise. I need some advice and help with all the above. I want to better myself that way I can live longer and feel better. Thanks for reading this. It feels nice to let it out.
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    My moment was when I realized I was hiding from all my friends and society because I felt everyone would make fun of me and judge me. I became extremely depressed , aloof , and dangerously insecure. I knew if I didn't lose the weight, I'd be suffering depression most of my life.
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    I have new "guy" ;) and he is in to healthy eating gym and lifting and all that . So one day we stand afront of a mirror I'm in my underwear and he's holding me kissing my neck and I observed the picture in it. Yes I didn't look bad... But when his arms was around I was thinking how nice would it look if I would also look as fit as he does . Plus my eating habits are sometimes really bad. Then I don't eat at all ( fainted at work) forgot to eat for 4 days . Yes full four days! Then I eat nonsence : like cheesecake or sponge top it with some smoked salmon with avocado and some nice roasted . It's the choises I make that puts me a bit over the weight I should be . I'm not on the heavy side it's just few kg. but of course every one wants to look at its best ! And my motivation is to make better choises in food in general change my lifestyle and work out. Get that body in bikini shape even in winter!
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    I was comfortable being fat until my two moments came just a few days apart about two months ago.I knew i was overweight and in the past few years i gained a lot of weight really fast.But i did not care, i just kept buying bigger clothes whenever the old ones stop fitting.I have only brothers so i was always active and even overweight i still enjoyed my life.But two months ago i went with my brother to the gym and decided to weigh myself while i was there.I found out i weigh 310 lbs i could not believe that was possible,that was my first moment.My husband works overseas and while he is away he insisted i stayed with my brothers.My brother fell asleep on day and i told him i was going out but i guess he did not hear me.When i got back home,i was told he woke up in a panick when he did not see me and ran into the bathroom thinking i had fallen in the tub and could not get up.I understood his worry cause i fell in the tub last year.I later found out they all worry when i shower without someone else at home.Hence the reason my husband insist I stay with my brothers.Iwill never forget the look on my brothers faces.I had no idea the impact my weight gain had on my family.So i decided to lose weight not just for myself but for the people who love me.
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    My sweet little seven year old boy laid his head down on me and,"You're soft like a pillow." I know he was being so innocent and complimentary, but I don't want to be a pillow anymore.
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    I had a few: Photos that showed me how I really looked. (The camera does not add 10 pounds. 10 pounds adds 10 pounds.)
    I was having to unbutton my clothes when I sat down. (I'm clothing 4 growing kids. I shouldn't be the one spending money on bigger clothes)
    I reviewed my health file from my GP online and there was a red flag by my weight.
    I just got plain tired of being embarrassed for my own husband to look at me!

    To those of you who were hurt and embarrassed by people's remarks, I'm sorry!! People are just beyond rude sometimes.
  • kat_princess12
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    When some of my favorite wardrobe staples (a pencil skirt, a couple dresses, and an almost-new top) stopped zipping. I've learned not to care that much about societal expectations for my appearance, but I WILL NOT sacrifice all my cute clothes!
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    my moment was when my mom ended up in the hospital with a long list of problems that could of all been avoided if she had been living a healthy lifestyle. I remember having doctors keep telling me "she is so young to be having X" and I looked at her with so much anger...how could she let herself go like this!

    then I realized I was living the same way, I was going to end up like her.

    I refuse.

    another "wake up" was the amount of people that mistook me for pregnant (i carry most of my weight in my stomach) I've had people compliment my preg glow, I've had a woman ask my due date while touching my belly...I've even had a homeless man tell me that "its going to be a girl and that I will be a great mom"