Whole 30



  • sweetbamaTLC
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    I'm starting my 2nd round of whole 30 tomorrow.
  • snickers061703
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    I'm on day 18, and I'm seeing progress. Everyone who dismisses the premise and has never tried it, just ignore them. How does it go.. "don't knock it 'til you've tried it." And for a whole 30 days, not 10 or 15. The first two weeks especially our gut flora are rebalancing to the ones that digest animal proteins and fats, instead of processed sugars and grains. They essentially revolt crying out for more sugar! After you get pasted thay, it is smooth sailing, and healing of leaky gut.

    The 'antinutrient' a previous poster discussed is phytic acid, which binds nutrients in the gi tract and inhibits their absorption... thus it is an anti (against) nutrient.
  • leeann1317
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    I'm on Day 1 today. I'm vegetarian (well, pescatarian), so it's going to be pretty restrictive for me. I know some vegetarians do eat some dairy and/or lentils while on the program. I'm going to try to do it clean, though. We'll see if I need to make an accommodation at some point.

    I've had stomach issues for a while now and I'm doing this to try to get a clean slate for my system. Afterwards, I'll re-introduce foods that I love like chickpeas, lentils and quinoa.

    For some of the posters above, I don't think the idea is that foods like oatmeal, barley and beans are bad for you, but rather your body might have issues with them.

    How is everyone doing on the program?
  • mudskiprjr
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    Hi! Has anyone here attempted to do the Whole 30? I am starting Sunday and want a support system to help me along the way!

    I started around your same time. I really struggle to lose weight and wondered if gluten and hidden sugars were the culprit. So far, I'm losing weight like a champ!
  • tmauck4472
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    To each his own. Do things your way, if it doesn't work do it another way. Eat the way you want to eat and as long as your calorie count is where it should be to lose weight then it's all good. Whole 30 is a good place to start. It's a start and we learn by doing not by others saying what to do.