Whats the worst thing to eat that makes YOU gain weight?



  • zyxst
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    Having ovaries makes me gain.
  • FoxyLifter
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    Are you looking for my trigger foods?

    Foods that I can easily eat well over the recommended serving:

    Bread (from white to flavored, like raisin bread with frosting, pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, banana bread, etc)
    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
    Mac & Cheese
    Pretty much and dessert (especially brownies and cookies)
    Peanut butter, Biscoff, Nutella
    Chips and pork rinds
    Nuts (I really have to be diligent about weighing out a proper portion. I've eaten a whole can!)
    Booze, but I'm good at portioning out my wine and bottled beers. Craft beers and liquor get me.
  • jenilla1
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    ANY food that goes over my calorie limit makes me gain weight. ;)
  • MonkeyMel21
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    Making delicious dinners and then eating a second helping. Drinking 3 drinks a night 5-7 times a week. Oreos and milk. Little debbies snack cakes.

    During good weeks I can eat all this in moderation. During bad weeks I will eat all this in a span of 2 hours.
  • gaelicstorm26
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    If we're talking about water weight, chips are the worst for me. So much salt in those suckers that the next day I just feel bloated! I know it's temporary, but still, the feeling is less than pleasant.
  • VintageFeline
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    I have little self control around Kettle chips, roast lamb, goose fat roast potatoes and chips/fries. So I don't have them at home unless it's a treat.

    Otherwise just generally mindlessly overeating is what made me fat.
  • JeanMBK
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    I still eat the same things now that I used to, I just eat one serving instead of 2-3.

  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Cheese and dip (chips and dip, veggies and dip, fuit and dip, crackers and dip, it doesn't matter, if there's dip, I'll probably eat too much). Cheese makes me bloat if I eat much of it.

    I eat cheese fairly often, but not much at a time. I save dip for special occasions.
  • ljashley1952
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    For me, it's bread. I have been baking my own bread for over a year and the carb intake is making weight loss agonizingly slow, if any. Also, my habitual coffee creamer. Both are needing to go, at least for a while. Portion control is a big factor. I need smaller portions and no seconds.
  • DeguelloTex
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    Excess calories.
  • blazincajun
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    Popeyes fried chicken, apple fritters, and that second hamburger.
  • ExRelaySprinter
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    galaxyem wrote: »
    I found that eating a lot of fried food or candy gets me to gain weight. What makes you gain a lot of weight? Are you still eating it or did u cut down?

    It's a valid question actually.
    When i put on weight, it was down to eating takeaways 3 or 4 times a week and sweet treats like doughnuts, chocolate & cakes....plus i ate my regular Meals as well on top of that. Oh yeah, and alcohol. ;)
    As we all know, it's very easy to eat say 1000 cals worth of Mcdonalds in one sitting.
    So when you add that to another 1500+ cals of other foods (with little/no exercise), it's pretty much a recipe for disaster. Lol
    There's no way i could eat as much as 2500 cals worth of "heathy food" a day, so could never see myself gaining weight eating "clean". But then, i don't eat clean anyway.
    I still eat these calorific foods (almost every day, in some form or another), but in moderation.
  • kshama2001
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    I replaced frequent


    with infrequent

  • Need2Exerc1se
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    galaxyem wrote: »
    I found that eating a lot of fried food or candy gets me to gain weight. What makes you gain a lot of weight? Are you still eating it or did u cut down?

    There's no way i could eat 2500 cals worth of "heathy food" a day.

    Oh I could. Easily.

  • lemurcat12
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    galaxyem wrote: »
    What makes you gain a lot of weight?

    Calories beyond my maintenance level. No specific food causes weight gain unless you tend to overeat it. There is no food that I am unable to control my intake of (some foods I want to eat in overly large quantities when I eat them, given the calories, and so I eat them rarely and eat less other foods on those days).
    Are you still eating it or did u cut down?

    I generally eat at or less than my maintenance.
  • ashdawg8790
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    SWEET FROG!!! I can't control myself in there!
  • LAT1963
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    High fructose corn syrup.
  • tomofnj
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    My pre-dinner Big Macs.

    That would do it for sure.

    This might seem weird but milk seems to have made a big difference for me, and I've never had a lactose issue or anything else of the sort. It's that I found that 5 - 6 coffee's a day, with 1/2 cup 2% milk @~70 cals each, adds up to a butt load of liquid calories I had to work my *kitten* off to get rid of.

    Back on the black no sugar jag and loving it. I can grab a cup anytime, everytime.
    Don't judge my caffeine intake. o:)
    Good luck :)
  • JBcat123
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    Ice cream. I eat to much of it so I don't buy it. Some ppl control themselves but I eat to much.
  • deksgrl
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    Anything that puts you over your maintenance calorie amount.