How did you decide your target weight?



  • StaceyWhatsit
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    My goal weight is 140, I'm so excited to get there! Its been a long journey but I'm only 20 lbs away yay
  • Timelordlady85
    Timelordlady85 Posts: 797 Member
    My first goal was to get under 200 pounds,bam! got that done, my second goal was to get under my pre pregnancy weight, bam! got that done. Now my next goal is to get under 180 pounds, 3.8 more to go to reach that goal, then I will keep going until I get to a healthier BMI range for my height and age.
  • haydiz70
    haydiz70 Posts: 56 Member
    For me, it was remembering how I looked 20 years ago at 125. I think I looked my personal best. However, I'm at 140 now (down from 180) and I'm happy with my measurements. I'm actually wearing a size small shirt! I was wearing XXL. The only reason I want to get to 125 is to give me a buffer zone in case I gain a few pounds. I'm shooting for maintaining between 125-130. I don't want to be between 140-145. I never want to see 150 again! Btw, I'm 5'1".
  • leggup
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    I picked the halfway in the bmi scale (BMI 21.7) as my initial goal weight. Got there. Saw room for improvement and wasn't struggling to lose weight. Decided to drop another 10 lbs (BMI 19.4). I've been hovering in BMI 19.8-20.2 for 3 months now and I feel really good.

    I'm 5'11. SW: 215 lbs. Original goal: 155 lbs. New Goal: 139 lbs. Current Range: 142-145 lbs
  • Liftng4Lis
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    I threw a dart at a weight chart.
  • vingogly
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    I don't put stock in BMI for the reasons listed here, and the "ideal body weight" numbers in tables seems low for me given my age and height (I haven't been that weight since I was a pre-teen). For MyFitnessPal, I chose the high end of one of the tables and then proceeded to ignore the number. What's important for me are my health and how I feel. Vanity has nothing to do with it; I'm 68 and obesity is bad for my joints, my back, my blood pressure, and various other health issues I'm dealing with. I have more energy, sleep better, and have a more positive mood when I weigh less.
  • Mr_Knight
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    Found an athlete of similar stature and frame, googled their weight, added 10 pounds.
  • Mezzie1024
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    Mine is my pre-injury weight. I'm not far from it (about 6 pounds to go; the furthest I was from it was 12 pounds), and it's the weight at which my favorite clothes fit comfortably. Because I'm not far, I'm taking my time. I have some weeks when I choose to eat at maintenance and I've taken breaks for travel. I expect I'll meet my goal by October. I don't expect to look the same as I did the last time I was that weight; my old forms of exercise are no longer possible for me, so when I hit that target, I will have less muscle definition in my legs and more in my arms than I did a little over a year ago. It may turn out my clothes will look ridiculous on me with that kind of body shape, and my plan to avoid having to shop will be thwarted. I won't know until I get there.

    I'm not unhappy with my body right now (aside from a part of it not working right, of course), but I really, really hate shopping. It is impossible to overestimate just how much.