Your favorite 'side effect' of your new lifestyle!



  • zdyb23456
    zdyb23456 Posts: 1,706 Member
    How about financial? It's been surprising to me how much longer food lasts when I'm measuring and portioning food out. I've definitely notice a change in our food budget.
  • techieflowerchild
    techieflowerchild Posts: 46 Member
    The money I save because food lasts longer and looking good in denim!
  • arditarose
    arditarose Posts: 15,575 Member
    I can fit into that tiny space between two large people on the subway, easily, instead of not taking it because I'm nervous I won't fit.
  • enkiemonkey
    enkiemonkey Posts: 82 Member
    Feeling confident and great about myself. And optimistic about my new sustainable healthy lifestyle.
  • MoiAussi93
    MoiAussi93 Posts: 1,948 Member
    edited August 2015
    So much more energy, no energy slumps in the afternoon or after meals, great skin, and I can fit more clothes in a weekend bag since they are several sizes smaller. LOL!
  • WillypipMom
    WillypipMom Posts: 7 Member
    Yes, I'm healthier and some chronic hip pain that I thought was from childbirth went away (guess it was the weight). I feel better but I have to admit. My favorite new feeling is hitting a dressing room at goodwill. Doesn't matter what I grab. It fits and looks good. So much better than the rest of my life in dressing rooms. (Starting weight 265. Current weight 135. 5'8)
  • zyxst
    zyxst Posts: 9,131 Member
    Cheaper clothes.
  • katalinax87
    katalinax87 Posts: 146 Member
    Being a more active parent. My mental health is so much more stable now
  • Pinnacle_IAO
    Pinnacle_IAO Posts: 608 Member
    People treat me different.
    People treat me better!
    I suppose it's just nature, but I have noticed that everywhere I go, others go out of their way to be helpful, nice and engaging. And people just come up to talk to me, and I am taken back sometimes when I realize the approach was pure, raw attraction.
    I am not used to this.
  • blueriotgirl
    blueriotgirl Posts: 151 Member
    My mood. I feel so much better about getting up everyday even if i wake up and feel blah and force myself to workout afterwards i feel more centered and focused.