Why did you get fat?



  • Mycophilia
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    I achieved critical mass and food could no longer escape my gravitational pull.
  • Emi1974
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    My dislike of veggies and sport combined with a love of food, mostly anything sweet is what got me fat.... and a million excuses too... sigh
  • DeterminedFee201426
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    i got fat un intended.. i did not know anything about calories in out or how much i was suppose to eat .
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    First, I'm sorry to hear about your losses.
    I packed on a bit of weight with each kid that came along with two back to back pregnancies recently, and one a twin pregnancy. But I also lost my dad unexpectedly and then like others mentioned, I became complacent and was just overeating and making excuses. I also struggled with obesity as a teen/ young adult. I'm on a mission to get my body back though and I've promised myself to not let it happen again.
  • bunnypy
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    Sorry for ur loss :(

    I gained with my pregnancy, I had a mcflurry or 2 almost everyday, and my husband just wanted me to enjoy the pregnancy to the fullest that he would spoil me with anything I would crave, and I did enjoy hahaha, I gained around 50lbs :neutral: luckily loosing it was shortened by breastfeeding and had to do the rest myself.
  • GaleHawkins
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    earlnabby wrote: »
    I got fat because I ate too much.

    Yes this is true for 100% of us overweight. The question was more as to why we ate too much I think.

  • Katzedernacht
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    I was living a lie, a complete lie ,trying to fit in,for 2 years,and I gained 25 kilos, I know now I was punishing myself for allowing me to stay in a situation that really really really made me feel like.. it wasn't me, I wasn't living at all. Too long to explain hehe
  • yogeshvaraom
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    Wow, my trigger seems puny compared to your losses. I quit smoking and then quit the nicotine replacements and then started gaining about 10 pounds per year for 4 years. I finally wanted to be more "myself" again.
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    I had an accident and I went from boxing/ weight training 5/6 times a week, to being in a wheel chair for 8 month, I still had the calorie intake with out the exercise. I learned how to walk again when I was 21. I have went from 21 stone to 17.4 stone I am still powering on, although I am not interested in weight loss now. I just want to gain muscle and fitness levels again. Weight loss will happen along side of my goals.
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    Hmmm...was a "big" kid starting at age 9 or so. Was fairly heavy into sports at a young age and needed those cals for fuel, I guess. Was never lean as a teen, but big and sports-y healthy. Went straight to a desk job at 19. High stress, high goals, very long hours that come along with a start-up...yet, calorie intake stayed the same. The added stress of being a very young, single father. Was very obese in short order.

    WHEW! That was much better than paying someone $275/hr to sit on a couch and divulge! Thanks! ;)
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    I'm so sorry you went through that. That kind of loss is certain to manifest in physical and emotional ways and I want to send you some hugs. <3

    Mine is just simple: Because I was athletic in school. When I stopped doing sports but kept eating like I was burning thousands of calories everyday, it started piling on. Gained 10 lbs./year for a decade. Voila! 100+. Of course, along the way, there were realizations, denial, frustration, learning, etc.

    I joined MFP in 2011 and lost 80 lbs. Kept it off for a few years and then put it all back on when I stopped being vigilant. Now, I'm back at losing again. This time, for good!

    I don't even track calories using MFP anymore (because the database is so screwy) but the social aspect of this site is really beautiful. It's helped me see stories like yours and understand that some people have different reasons for their struggle.

    Thanks for sharing it.
  • Rehabquilter
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    I am not sure there was any one thing that happened. I got married in my late 30 and was under 140 pounds. Life happened, changing jobs, stress with step family, and a hundred other reasons or excuses and I started gaining weight. Every 20 pounds I would go on a diet for a while and lose some weight and then put it back on plus some. I am 63 now and two months ago at just over 200 pounds I went for my physical. My cholesterol was up again, my triglycerides were up again, and my A1C was up. The PA said you have 90 days to get this under control or I will have to diagnose you as diabetic...that was a huge wake up call. I have lost 16 pounds and 5 inches. I realize I need to take control of this and it is up to me to make the changes. Thank you all for being there! I know I am not alone in doing this.
  • GaleHawkins
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    @Gozergirl you raise a good question. Clearly the huge painful loss like you experienced can cause some of us to eat more.

    My view looking at how I got to a 35 BMI it was environment, physical sickness/pain and emotional pain.

    Environment can start at home as a small child due to the type of food and its quantity put in front of us. Later it may just be we find ourselves with mainly carbs in our easy reach due to convenience and low cost.

    In my case my physical health issues was a drag on me so I started grabbing a Dr. Pepper and Milky Way candy bar to 'pickup' my energy which caused weight gain so I had to keep doing more and more of it to keep up my energy.

    As the arthritis crippled me more and more then the emotional pain of not being able to complete my life plans due to physical limitations became a huge factor in my eating lifestyle.

    I am convinced NO fully physically and emotionally healthy person sets out with a overt goal to become obese.

    Some say the "WHY" is not a concern but they are wrong. Until we step backwards to see the WHY it is very hard to stop the actions of the pass that are factors in our weight gains.
  • earlnabby
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    earlnabby wrote: »
    I got fat because I ate too much.

    Yes this is true for 100% of us overweight. The question was more as to why we ate too much I think.

    Because I like food.

  • lindamarg2807
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    Just age really. I've put on a stone a decade since my 40's. I am 60 now, so I was 8 and a half stone in my 40's and now 10 and a half stone. I'm not hugely overweight I know, just uncomfortable and my clothes don't fit. I don't want to put on another stone this decade. I developed a craving for chocolate which I still have to fight.
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    I'm sorry about your daughter. I gained 60 pounds after losing my mother. Than continued to gain weight along the years and then got pregnant and continued to gain weight after having my son. It's just time for a real change now.
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    Was running 6 mi/day and swimming 2mi/day, then had a thyroidectomy and transitioned from the military to a cushy civilian life. I felt like I was put on the sidelines and lost some great teammates while I was out and got really low. I still ate like I was in training although I rarely if ever worked out and put on ~75lbs over the past 14 years. I finally was able to grow from this, the final straw being getting my son in scouts and signing up as den leader - I was not going to set a poor example for my den and changed my habits.

    For those who have lost loved ones, you have my thoughts and prayers as I simply don't know how I would cope with this.
  • idrinkalotofwater
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    Because I ate too much and moved too little
  • jswede1149
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    I gained weight because I felt so lost and unhappy. My weight bounced around for years. I was 219 pounds biking 30 miles a week. I sustained an injury and eventually crept up to 300 pounds. I went overseas and changed. I started tackling all the issues that caused the over eating. I've lost 134 pounds with 10-12 more to go.
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    I was never a skinny kid, but not fat, just a few pounds overweight and very active. When I moved in my early 20ies I stopped exercising and the pounds came on, lost my job during the recession and comfort ate everything in sight, and spent too much time down the pub to drown my sorrows. Very bad combination, I really do not recommend it to anyone. After beating my depression, I started to get my life back together again. I am now at a place where I am feeling a lot happier and ready to take on the rest. 45lbs down from my start weight with another 55 to go. Do I regret letting myself go? Yes, immensely, but I cannot change the past, got to work with the future x