jlf82289 Posts: 3 Member
2 days without a cigarette ..Felt awesome when I woke up this morning :D


  • BekahC1980
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    Wow that is awesome. I will cross my fingers for you. I quit august 23rd of last year and I am so glad I could finally do it.
  • vixtris
    vixtris Posts: 688 Member
    keep it up!
  • kpeterson539
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    Really.......great job! I'm sort of battling the same thing so I completely understand the struggle. Keep it up!!
  • zyxst
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    Best of luck and continued success. I haven't smoked in 10 years, but I still want one all the time.
  • ninerbuff
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    Keep it up. I wished I never would have smoked. I quit over 10 years ago cold turkey and never looked back.

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  • spunkydawn9
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    Keep up the good work! I quit 9 years ago and it was the best thing I've done for myself.
  • jlf82289
    jlf82289 Posts: 3 Member
    Thx and I will ..just have alil trouble after I eat I want 1 but jus go running or something to get my mind off of it . B)
  • jenmckane86
    jenmckane86 Posts: 50 Member
    Good job! I quit 2 years ago, cold turkey. Chewing regular gum right after eating helped me a lot.
    JDHINAZ Posts: 641 Member
    Giving up cigs is HARD! Congrats on your streak! I had to give up beer for a while for me to finally quit for good. Those two went hand in hand for me. But, after many, many attempts at quitting, I'm now smoke free for over 10 years.
  • hollen_carol
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    Yeah!!!! Keep at it. I need to make this my next goal in life B)
  • cherub14
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    Wow so proud of you! If you have any urges Try some flavored chew sticks! ( I think you can get them at gnc)
  • thereshegoesagain
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    Check out whyquit.com it helped me so much when I quit 7 years ago.
  • emiliebecause
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    Awesome!! I broke free from nicotine this past January. I consider it a big huge win. :) It's like a gift that keeps on giving. And running has been the BEST help--feeling my lungs take in oxygen and real honest-to-goodness deep breaths while I run is the ultimate motivator and it satisfies part of the physical urge as well. Instead of thinking of life without smoking as a loss or deprivation, it has helped me to think if it as something I am giving myself.

    I found it very discouraging when people said things like "20 years in and I STILL want a smoke all the time". It is not the same ever as when you first stop. The urges lessen consistently over time and although it might be a thought, it is never ever as bad as it is at the beginning.
  • emiliebecause
    emiliebecause Posts: 63 Member
    Check out whyquit.com it helped me so much when I quit 7 years ago.
    I found this site helpful as well. They are pretty hardcore about the cold turkey thing but it sure was helpful nonetheless.
  • karyabc
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    now that I can only imagine how hard it most be! I know many people who try and try to quit and never happens, since I have never smoke don't really understand the struggle, so for that my friend HI5! O/ you= awesome :#