What do you love about your gym?



  • AsISmile
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    That they teach BodyCombat twice a week.
    And I ended up falling in love with the 15 minute bike ride to get there.

    Also, it is quite a small gym with a great atmosphere. I'm pretty new there, but love how the other people all seem to know each other.
  • Pucks_and_Balls
    Pucks_and_Balls Posts: 95 Member
    I miss my Y and am going to get my membership back once I finish paying down a couple of bills and settle into my new job. But when I was a member, I liked:

    -The variety of fitness classes and that the instructors were welcoming to newbies. No one was ever made to feel unwelcome.

    -The Olympic-sized pool.

    -Friendly front desk staff

    I didn't use the cardio room (called the wellness center at our Y) that much, but they put a lot of work into renovating it a couple years ago and it looks great now. It gets crowded at times, but I never have to wait for a machine.
  • kellyyraee
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    Zumba classes, sauna and the indoor pool is what I love at my gym
  • piperdown44
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    That its at work, has everything I need (except it would be nice to have some 90lb dumbbells) and only 3 other guys lift at a different times than me. So, I get the weight room all to myself!
    MABSCALL911 Posts: 19 Member
    I joined LA Fitness March 15, 2015 around the corner from my condo but then moved 45 miles away but love my gym and especially my personal trainer, Nick Tapia. So because of him I now can walk with a cane when I had been trapped to an electric scooter for 7 years and lost 65 pounds so far. I train 3 days a week with Nick and don't plan on changing that until I meet my goal of losing 150 pounds and then I might workout at an LA Fitness closer to my new home.
  • Slainte831
    Slainte831 Posts: 125 Member
    Our community centre, because it is:

    1). Down the street from me. 3 minute walk
    2). Small and friendly
    3). Has a decent number of machines and a good selection of classes (from pool to swimming to ice skating to aikido to Zumba)
    4). Yearly membership is reasonable -- $458 per year for an adult, family memberships for $813. They also have a 10-visit pass for $70 (and you actually get 11 visits). Memberships include unlimited swimming, weight room/cardio, skating, and discounts on classes.
    5). I have never had to wait for a cardio machine
    6). Lots of kids' swimming classes
    7). Lots of free weights and weight machines

    I do wish it were 24/7. Another gym in town is, though, so I could join that one if I really wanted too.
  • FocusMarlon
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    It has helped me transform
  • hyperbeth1
    hyperbeth1 Posts: 69 Member
    Free childcare, indoor pool, proximity to home, and variety of fitness classes.... I ♡ the local Y!! My family membership is only 45.00 a month.
  • sk1982
    sk1982 Posts: 45 Member
    I love my gym cos its awesome....cue cheesy promo video...but it has great studios, great classes and amazing instructors. And they have just spent €5m renovating the gym floor - lots of squat racks and a cool circuits style fitness rig!

  • pearshapedmum
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    mine is cheap, and has all of the equipment that I need for the strong curves programme :-)
  • sabrinacrandall
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    My gym is my company's little gym. I like it because they have all the lifting equipment I need, it's small and I'm often the only one there in the evenings, and when there are other people we instantly have something in common beyond our fitness: we work at the same place! Plus it's a mile from our plant, on my way home so it's perfectly convenient for after-work workouts. :) Oh, plus it's free. That's nice too.
  • petitehealth
    petitehealth Posts: 148 Member
    We have a gym at my work for only $15 a month but I cancelled my membership because I was too embarrassed to work out there!
  • ashleesaid
    ashleesaid Posts: 50 Member
    My gym is cheap and a mile from my house. Also it's brand new so everything works :)
  • earthnut
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    My gym is either the playground (free, I can take my kid, close walking distance) or the community center (cheap). I also sometimes use the fitness room at a pool, which is nice because you get into both with the same fee, but it's not close to my house at all. But they have excellent kids swimming classes so I'll do the elliptical while my kid's in class.
  • druorleans
    druorleans Posts: 42 Member
    My gym is my community center, and it's all free, including the pool.
  • jayche
    jayche Posts: 1,128 Member
    There are a lot of gyms in my area and I've been to most of them, but over the years I keep going back to just one. It's not the cleanest or the most well equipped gym but it has one thing that the others don't... Metal plates. I love hearing the plates clanking on each other when you're in the middle of a lift.
  • ovidnine
    ovidnine Posts: 314 Member
    I love the fact its cheap, 24/7, and on my way to work. It could be better otherwise, but those 3 things trump anything else as it has what I need.
  • icck
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    24 hours, plenty of machines, usually quiet when I want to use it. Staff and gym goers alike generally leave you alone. It's super cheap. Five minute walk from my house.
    What's not to like
  • hamptontom
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    basically all the perks that most folks have singled out...distance, availability of equipment, cleanliness, vibe...and the fact that it costs less per month than my bank charges for an overdraft.
  • LunaMischief
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    I currently use LA Fitness. I like how big it is - anything you might possibly need is there. I really like the Ladies Only room, coz everything i use/need is in there, and there's typically only 2-3 other people in there so I feel like it's less crowded. Also, indoor track FTW. I hate treadmills, so being able to run freely with air conditioning is awesome