About 13 months, 75 pounds down and finally healthy BMI!

August 1st, 2014 I started down this path to health. Losing weight was important, but getting healthy was my goal.

My three-and-a-half year old daughter is my main inspiration. When I started, she was faster than me and I couldn't keep up! With all the negative body image things going on in the world, I want her to have a good, healthy, fit role model rather than the unhealthy, slothful woman I was when I started.

So, here are the outward results. The first photo was from three weeks into the process at 225lbs and the second is from this morning at 156. At 5'6", 154.9 is officially a healthy BMI and I hit that last week after a sweaty gym session, so I'll take it :)


There are still a few pounds I'd like to shed to get to an arbitrary number I picked, but I'm really pleased with my progress. In October, I'm running three races and last August I ran my first 60 seconds. And for my daughter, it's perfectly normal for mommy to go out running. This is what I'm most pleased with!


  • deescrafty
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    Good for you, and what a lucky child to have such a strong, healthy mom. You must feel great about yourself
    Well done,,! :)
  • MarietjieHoward
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    Great job hun!!!!, you look fab, keep up the good work
  • pstegman888
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    Very inspiring, thanks for posting!
  • GaleHawkins
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    @jessiruthica that is awesome and may long term be of even more value to your daughter. The world I have decided is not going to take the health of our kids seriously in a way that counts long term. What you are doing and will continue to do for your health will give your daughter hope she can live a life at a healthy weight.

    Keep up the great job and inspire your daughter so she can sidestep future health problems. Best of success.
  • healthylili2015
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    Wow great work! You are doing awesome!!!
  • wateryphoenix
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    Amazing! :) So inspirational <3
  • IILikeToMoveItMoveIt
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  • Jilliankosto
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    Wow. Good work!!
  • ajsmommy824
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    Great Job!!!! And Love your story for wanting to change!
  • Syneea
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    Great job! These stories are so inspirational!
  • totaloblivia
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    You are where I want to be after 13 months. Thanks for posting!
  • becky53012
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    Love your story! You look great and most importantly youre living healthy and setting a good example!
  • saransaran
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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful transformation. You look great!
  • streamgirl
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    Fantastic--it will be fun when she gets to go with you!
  • Arianera
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    Go Mommy!
  • crippcrunch
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    Yay! Your results are fantastic must be all that hard work and dedication! Feel free to add me as a friend!
  • craignev
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    Great work...well done!
  • 2manyhats
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    Exceptional job!
  • CountryLady47
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    Awesome results you look great! How many calories did you have per day? How much exercise did you do? Did you eat lower carb? Sorry for all the questions, I am where you started and am the same height as you so quite interested in any information you can share of what worked for you.. thanks,
  • briannadunn
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    I love your before and after, great job, I am working towards a healthier example for my kids too.