First 100 days

tinger12 Posts: 62 Member
So I hit my first 100 days since I decided 540 pounds was unsustainable and not where anyone should be. I made the decision to overcome my depression and change.

I weighed myself SIX times in the past 24 hours for my own confirmation. Each measurement fluctuated from 1 to 5 pounds. So I took the average and came to a number....

67 pounds lost in my first 100 days!

I have a long way to go. I have not felt discouraged any of the 100 days. I can now walk about 1/4 mile instead of about 50 feet. I can get in and out of the shower without a major struggle. All from eating what I want and never feeling hungry or wanting to binge eat for the sake of wanting to feel better.

The next 100 days are ahead and I can imagine where I will be at New Years Day.


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