Your diet friendly sweet treats?



  • krithsai
    krithsai Posts: 676 Member
    I don't like sweets. Yes, I'm that person :smiley: But give me some deep fried Indian snacks and I can show you how it's done :wink:
  • QueenKristine77
    QueenKristine77 Posts: 67 Member
    Greek yogurt with Bear Naked granola! mmmmmm
  • scolaris
    scolaris Posts: 2,145 Member
    Banana gelato: 4 oz of frozen banana chunks in powerful food processor or blender (I use vitamix). You must whir past simply blended until it gets pale & marshmallowy looking as that is what alters the pectin chains & gives it such creamy texture. Eat immediately! Price of admission exactly the same as the boring banana you carry around in your purse or lunch bag. It's the ONLY way I will eat a banana now. Very good with a Tbs of hot fudge if your calories for the day allow!
  • Ponkeen
    Ponkeen Posts: 147 Member
    Honey Mama chocolate. It's both surprisingly low calorie and dee-lish! Also, for those that care (i dont, particularly) paleo and raw. Soooooo, so good. Mmmmmm.....