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  • Mrj183
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    posting add me ☺
  • Buttercupxxx
    Buttercupxxx Posts: 24 Member
    Bilateral Total Knee Replacement here. I lost 21 pounds and gain an inch in height. Many changes. Now I am on a new exercise program to maintain weight loss and new knees. Sharing an exercise program from a Facebook group page starting Nov. 2nd. Join me and my friends.
  • raven2002
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    hey add me :)
  • mrsfatish
    mrsfatish Posts: 1 Member
    Hey! Need friends for motivation, help & ideas.
  • jtwakes
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    Feel free to add me:) let's keep each other motivated! We got this
  • Roundbottomme
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    I'm new, today is my 1st. Add me as a friend
  • kixdl
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    Feel free to add me! Always ready to motivate and log daily!
  • amanda_0513
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    Looking for more mommy friends to keep eachother motivated! Feel free to add me!
  • cherdeniise
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    Add me ;)
  • karlaa24
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    Need all the motivation I can get, feel free to add me anyone!
  • NerdGenius
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    New to the community. Feel free to add me!! The more the merrier!
  • sandra2608
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    Feel free to add me :)
  • _mermaid_x
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    Always looking for new friends :)
  • JenSalna
    JenSalna Posts: 2 Member
    I'm pretty new here.
    Aussie girl trying to get my mojo back
    I'm only a walker at this stage due to injury and trying hard.
    I'd love some friends
  • Karenm602
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    Hi everyone feel free to add me
  • julie_1217
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    Feel free to add me! I love having friends on here! ;)
  • Double__Tapp
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    Hi, I'm JT. I'm 54, i've lost 60 pounds, I'm a runner, cyclist, and part time crossfit enthusiast. Would love to add more of you my friends list.
  • tuckerrj
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    Anything in common? Weight lifting, swimming, running, bass guitar playing, weight maintenance, , , I would like a few more interactive friends.
  • Tabimiller417
    Tabimiller417 Posts: 20 Member
    I am looking for more encouragement and accountability. Add me :)
  • PrincessMegan13
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    I'm always up for more encouragement and support! I started my journey needing to lose 100 pounds, and I have 80ish left to go. I find that I get really excited when I have an active network of people who cheer me on and that I can cheer on right back! I'm happy to be added to anyone's friends list...because honestly, sometimes this entire thing is really HARD but knowing that there are people who support you no matter what makes such a huge difference! Add me, if you'd like! :)