Greek yogurt help



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    I add instant pudding with couple tbsp of milk makes the yogurt taste like chocolate pudding or what ever pudding mix you add
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    I use it as sour cream, but when I buy it from the Greek deli (I hardly eat it otherwise) it tastes so much like cream cheese that I just eat a spoonful when I'm feeling like munching
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    suzan06 wrote: »
    If you are open to trying other brands, try Siggis. It is low sugar, but not super sour. I love it. It is not cheap :( but our store occasionally has it for 1$ a container.

    When we can't get it for a good price, there is a Chobani variety that is ~100 calories. It has a little sugar and a little .... something else I am blanking on. Probably Stevia. Its not nearly as sweet as their regular yogurt.

    Those are for when we want individual servings for lunches. At home we typically buy the big vat of plain yogurt, and add a blob of jam, maple syrup, or honey.

    +1 on the Siggis! That stuff is AMAZING! I'm actually having the Pumpkin Spice for breakfast today with a bit of organic granola!
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    I buy Siggis brand and it only has 11 grams of sugars its for sure not very sweet in fact i wish it was sweeter haha
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    White balsamic vinegar! I've tried blueberry, lemon and pomegranate. Just add 1-2 tbl and mix in.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I have been mixing plain with my fruity yogurt. Thinking about adding some oatmeal as the weather cools.
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    I add homemade jam. Not too sweet but better than just plain fruit. Then I add toppings like almonds, chia seeds, and fresh fruit. Sometimes I add a little vanilla or almond extract too.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I have been mixing plain with my fruity yogurt. Thinking about adding some oatmeal as the weather cools.

    waiting to try out the greek yogurt oatmeal i made tomorrow! first time making overnight oats so i sure hope it tastes good!
    1/2 cp (114g) greek nonfat plain, 1/4 cp milk, 1/4 cp (40g) steel cut oats, 1tbsp brown sugar (trying it as shared before changing sugar type) and i added 15g of currants to mine to make it yummier.. was told you eat it cold, so it should be good for non cold weather too.

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    I have been eating Greek yogurt with fruit in the bottom for breakfast but it is starting to taste too sweet to me. Since I have been on MFP I have really cut back on added sugar. I don't use artificial sweeteners.
    So here is the question. How do you get some sweetness into plain nonfat Greek yogurt? I tried adding fruit that had macerated overnight with a tiny bit of sugar but was still too tangy. More sugar? Honey? Other?

    Add Agave slowly and taste.
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    Couple drops of stevia and alitlle, very little vanilla extract
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    Where do you find these powders?

    What powders? Peanut butter? Protein? The grocery store and supplement stores.

    Vitacost online sells them
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    I mix fruity yogurt with low fat cottage cheese. Tastes great.
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    Honey or less sweet fruits like blueberries??