I use stevia as a sweetener it is great and you cant tell the difference between regular sugar and this


  • riffraff2112
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    I tried it once, disgusting. Maybe I'll try it again, I think I put too much of it and it just overpowered the coffee and was a gross sugary blast I didn't expect
  • zoeysasha37
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    I tried it and wanted to vomit. I don't like any of those sweeteners at all. I just use real sugar and work it into my calories for the day.
  • Ready2Rock206
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    I like truvia and pure via - I think those both are stevia products
  • Healthydiner65
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    Artificial sweeteners are not very tasty!! Better to use a little real sugar! I like my coffee black and my tea with lemon!
  • MrWilson6
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    Real sugar is the way to go, if you need to sweeten things. Me...I'm sweet enough already, so I don't use any in my coffee. lol
  • quiksylver296
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    If that works for you, OP, go for it!

    I put a quarter cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a tablespoon of hazelnut creamer. 57 calories.
  • lynn_glenmont
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    Since I detest sugar in my coffee (so vile!), I don't think I'd like stevia.
  • wizzybeth
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    Yes you can tell the difference. Stevia is the most disgusting thing ever on the face of the earth. LOL. I have been drinking my tea and coffee black with no creamer or sweetener for years. I tried Stevia in tea once and I nearly gagged, and poured the cup out. If I want sweetener in my tea, I'll opt for the low calories but great taste of HONEY.
  • SuggaD
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    Nothing but real sugar will do when I want sugar. Can't stand that other stuff. But I don't need to sweeten my coffee. Half & half is enough for me. Or almond or soy milk or non-dairy creamer.
  • BarbieAS
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    I also think it's gross. I drink my coffee in 16oz travel mug increments, and 2tsp of sugar is (IMO) a perfect amount of sweetness. It's only 32 calories - COMPLETELY worth it. And I'm no artificial sweetener hater - my blood is about 1/3 Diet Coke :lol:. I just pick my battles on the sugar front.
  • Common vote: artificial sweeteners suck ' lol
  • rregie
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    Drink flavoured coffees for an occasional treat. Otherwise I enjoy my coffee straight cream or sweetener.
  • mbaker566
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    I love stevia in teas, but i mostly drink my coffee black
  • brb2008
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    Common vote: artificial sweeteners suck ' lol

    I have always liked splenda but yeah Im one that hates the taste of stevia. I dont know what it is about it but I just can't stand it.
  • FitGirl0123
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    I've recently had to start drinking my coffee black. Hopefully eventually it'll grow on me, lol.
  • HollyMarie0595
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    Any type of artifical sugar tastes disgusting in coffee...just my opinion. Try coconut milk if you're looking to cut back on sugar
  • adriennemarieb
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    Stevia isn't really an artificial sweetener the way Splenda and Sweet N Low are. I don't use any of it, personally, but Stevia comes from a natural source. If you like it, go for it. I use Natural Bliss creamer (which is sweetened with sugar) in my coffee and just account for it. I don't use more than 100 cals worth. It took time to reduce the amount, I used to do about 1/4 of my cup as creamer!
  • DrEnalg
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    The way to stomach black coffee is actually buy good coffee and learn how to brew it properly, ideally with distilled water. Makes all the difference.
  • Debmal77
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    IWTBFCIN3 wrote: »
    Artificial sweeteners are not very tasty!! Better to use a little real sugar! I like my coffee black and my tea with lemon!

    Why is it better to use "real sugar"? Who is it better for?
  • JenniferIsLosingIt
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    I use splenda but only enough to add just a little sweet then use half and half or sugar free hazelnut, I make sure I allow for my coffee calories (it's the only time i drink my calories)