What happens when you excercise while being slightly drunk?



  • DopeItUp
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    Meh. It's not a big deal. I've drank during a workout...several times.

  • SonyaCele
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    i will not workout if i've been drinking, impaired judgement will lead to injuries.
  • rankinsect
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    What happens is you become the next viral YouTube sensation.
  • opalsqueak007
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    Years ago, I use to be a huge drinker, and could never sleep after a night out, so would go out running while drunk. I mostly got away with it for years, until one night, the ground swung up and hit me in the face. I still have the severe scars. In fact, I carry the scars from a lot of UDIs (Unexplained Drunken Injuries) resulting from exercise of all kinds while drunk. (I packed up drinking in my 40s) I wouldn't advise working out while having had a drink because your body is already having to deal the with alcohol, plus, it can affect balance, and as an earlier posted stated, judgment - the main one!. All the best :)
  • youngmomtaz
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    I think myth busters did an episode on how best to sober up. Exercise was one of the theory's. My kids loved myth busters and that episode was hilarious. I like walking a few too many. The golf course near our campground is fun while tipsy at night.
  • TxLisa251
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    I would say it's ok if it's dancing of some sort...like Zumba or Just Dance on XBox Kinect. I figure if people dance at a nightclub, dance exercises should be alright to do at home with a slight buzz. ;)