Rest days: 10,000 steps?



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    Yes, I usually get 10,000+ steps on rest days, as I walk that much on a normal day without intentional exercise and if it's a lower-than-normal activity day I will usually add in extra walking to or from work. I think rest days can still be active, I just don't do any training-type stuff on them.
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    moyer566 wrote: »
    I am the Queen of rest days, I work two jobs except on Sundays and Mondays I'm off, and I'm pretty sure my fitbit thinks I'm dead on those days.

    I think my garmin fells the same way

    I'm glad I'm not the only one :) I wonder if I get some step count from flopping across my couch to grab my coffee. If not today is gonna be ugly.
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    This is a very timely post as I am having a very rare "lazy day" today and was just pondering whether or not I should still aim for 10k steps. I usually average 14-17k steps, it's 2pm here and I just looked and I'm at about 4,000. It's cold and rainy, we are putting up decorations and watching football, and I think for the first time I'm not going to purposely try to get the flex to vibrate when I hit 10k. If I do I do, but other times like this I will go for a walk or do laps in the basement to get over 10k, today I think I won't...
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    toe1226 wrote: »
    I will confess rest days are rare for me. Lately I've been hitting between 15,000-25,000 steps per day (including a workout somewhere in there).

    Feeling a little ragged lately.

    Wondering, do you guys still make sure to get 10,000 steps in on your "rest day"?

    What does rest day mean to you?

    I almost never get 10,000 steps, partially because I work from home in a small apartment and my pedometer is designed to not register steps until there has been at least 10 of them but in actuality doesn't register well unless the walk is continuous. Am getting a fitbit for Xmas and am interested in seeing how many steps that records. I still won't get to 10,000 steps regularly. I like to walk, but I like gardening more, and spending time on that decreases my ability to get steps.
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    The pattern I've fallen into is averaging about 10-11k per day (I have a desk job), but the actual numbers typically pan out with 5 days quite a bit above that number and 2 a decent amount below it, and that is working well for me. The low days generally involve yoga and other low-intensity activity; the higher days reflect my running, Zumba, etc. I rarely spend an entire day just sitting on my butt, but it does happen, and those days are important to me for both physical and psychological well-being. Since I like to work a weekly deficit rather than daily, it all tends to come out in the wash, even if I eat up to sedentary maintenance on those truly lazy days.

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    We need rest days for sure but walkng 10k steps is fine, I have been having active rest days for a few years....a rest for me is taking a break from lifting and running.
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    If you're feeling 'ragged' thats your body telling you that a proper rest is needed, listen to that and rest up, you'll feel much more energised when you do :smile:
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    I get 5000-7000 steps on my rest days.
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    Today may be my laziest of lazy days!

    223 steps today, according to my phone.

    I've stayed in my PJs, inside all day. I don't carry my phone with me. I possibly actually walked/moved around 1-2k, tops.
    I cooked,cleaned, worked on presents, watched movies and relaxed. Ive felt like I may be catching something, scratchy throat & tired so I took a day off. And thoroughly enjoyed a full rest day.

    I'll get back at it tomorrow.
    To your question: no, I don't always get to 10k steps, on rest days or even other days sometimes.
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    I am lazy. So I'll get in about half. I get more than 10,000 steps at work. Is there any way to track that on here or does that not count?
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    lol, if I get 10,000 steps I consider that an active day/average day. Sad.
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    I usually get 10,000 steps regardless of whether I'm at the gym or not. I'm a teacher, and on my feet all day, walking between classrooms, on break duty etc. so by the end of the day I'm usually at, or close to, 10,000 steps. Then I have 3 young kids of my own so there's no sitting down at home!