One year down, 98 pounds lost!!!



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    WTG!! :#
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    Ty for sharing this your story is truly inspiring
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    You look great! Congrats!
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    Do not know you, but feel proud of you.
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    Good job! You are so cute!
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    Congratulations! What an awesome achievement. Thanks for sharing your inspiring achievement.
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    Awesome job!
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    Let me know if you have any more questions! Good luck![/quote]

    You're amazing and you should really be proud of yourself! Thanks for sharing and responding in such detail!
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    Great job
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    faithan84 wrote: »
    This time last year I weighed around 250 pounds. Today I weigh 152!!!!!!


    You have really kicked some butt! You look so fabulous and look like you feel fabulously, too. Way to go and thanks for sharing your inspirational story here!

    Also, I love that dress!
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    You are an inspiration to me. I am about 130-140 right now and am making it a goal to get down to 140-150 by next Christmas.
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    Congrats. Great job.
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    Incredible transformation!! Job well done!!
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    Great job!
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    What an awesome achievement. Thanks for sharing. I love your pics with that big smile!!!
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    Wow! What a happy person! Your post just radiates positive thoughts and energy. I love how you ended it--you were happy then, you are happy now, just a person with different habits :)

    You look fabulous. No doubt you'll reach your goal weight. You met an even more important goal before you started losing weight! :heart:
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    Beautiful girl, beautiful smile, and gorgeous story :-)
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    Beautiful, inside and out!
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    I love that you are focused on being happy.
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    Your story is amazing and shows that the most important ingredient to successful gear up to a healthy and happy lifestyle is self love! You did this for yourself, only, with kindness and love, and not driven by vanity or self pity! Way to go!

    P.s.Seems too you've embraced some inner playfulness, you look way younger now :)))